Friday, August 11, 2017

Titans Return: Voyager Megatron!

Titans Return, Transformers, Megatron, Tank, Jet

Titans Return, Megatron, Tank, Jet, Hasbro, Toys
I really like this Megatron. Yeah, yeah its Blitzwing's body but I don't care, and actually like it more as Megatron then Blitzwing.

It just works for me, though I enjoy his tank-mode far more then his jet-mode. Probably because it fits so snugly together.

Here's the thing G1 Megatron I like, but I'm not too big a fan of Megatron, as a gun... Just because I think the 'role playing' aspect of the toy makes no sense within the fiction.

All Transformers should have a mobile mode. ALL!

This one combines aspects of the G2 toy, or it can depending upon how you want to display him. As you can see I use the Titan Master chairgun, for a shoulder gun and his black fusion cannon, is displayed on his right-arm as is typical of Megatron.

One of the other reasons I like this toy so much. Transforming him into any mode, is easy and fun.

Titans Return Megatron, and Hot Rod, helped rehabilitate me on the idea of all these Transformers now being Headmasters, where Galvatron, soured me on the notion.

My one complaint is, Hasbro needs to offer replacement heads for sale, on figures they already have out. I don't mean other Titan Masters, I mean, heads for existing full figures separately for sale. No I haven't lost any heads - Yet... I just think this would be a no-brainer on their part.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Starscream RID Tribute

A visual treat, accompanied by Touch in the night by Battle Beast.

Starscream's new reformatted body, just works for him.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Paypal and Publishing Matters

Due to a snafu, regarding Paypal which I am not able to pin down at this time, and actually, don't desire to devote energy to. I am no longer publishing through Smashwords... Or any outlet which demands I use Paypal to get payments.

My distribution agent has changed to Draft2Digital.

Let me back up a bit.

Earlier in the day, I'd already uploaded my books onto Draft2Digital, not related to the Paypal snafu - Which I'd only just learned about a few moments ago. I did this because, for whatever reason (I think it has to do with how they handle metadata... ) I got better sales results with Draft2Digital on varied outlets.

However, I'd intended to keep Smashwords as a storefront, but because of this Paypal issue I can no longer do so. Draft2Digital, no hassle, like Amazon dumps my payments into my Checking Account and I don't need to move money around.

Having said all this uploading on Draft2Digital, is also a joy. What takes me forever on Smashwords, can be done in second on Draft2Digital without a headache.

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