Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Rendsora (KO TF5 TLK: Oversized Megatron)

Rendsora (KO TF5 TLK: Oversized Megatron), Megatron, Hasbro, Knockoff, KO, WeiJiang, Toys, Transformers
Seriously, lusting after this figure and am considering getting him, in place of and instead of the Hasbro Voyager version. You can see a detailed review of Rendsora, here.

I've been using a measuring tape to help me decide on this. Looks like he might be taller then some of my Voyagers, but not too tall. Wait, isn't Megatron supposed to be huge? At least Transformers: Prime, Megatron was. He towered over Arcee, and even could grip her in one of his hands and she looked tiny by comparison. Of course, she was a motorcycle.

Gladiator from the pits of Kaon... That's a bit terrifying and I remember when I first saw the episode, I was like WOW!

Orion_Pax_part_3_screenshot_Megatron_vs_Arcee, Gladiator from the pits of Kaon

I'm more concerned how he'll scale with my Optimus Prime figures. The measuring tape, doesn't make it seem Rendsora will be too huge beside some of them. I am not too into Leader size toys, I think they can look really, overblown and their details suffer, or their size lends them to get stupid gimmicks.... Yet, everything seems sharp on Rendsora.

Its got a bunch of clickedy clacky ratchet joints, and an awesome paint job. They paint in the thrusters so its clear that's what they are.

His jet alt-mode reminds me of a Cobra Night Raven...

Rendsora, Alt-mode Jet, Cobra, Night Raven
And it looks like they borrowed a few paint applications from the Hasbro Leader Class figure.

Ironically, this might be easier to come by, then the second wave of TLK Voyagers. What's up with that Hasbro?

One probably shouldn't fixate on Scale, too much...

Transformers: Prime, scale chart. From here.

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