Sunday, June 25, 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight

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Eh, critics hating on a Transformers, live-action movie, is neither unexpected, or without tradition... They didn't care that much for the G1 Transformers Movie either.

For that matter, I can't recall any Michael Bay movie, ever being praised. So...

I enjoyed it. Were there things I'd do different? Sure. That being said, the film begins a realignment, bringing the Bayformer's just slightly closer to their G1 origins.

I know Mark Wahlberg, said this is his last Transformers movie, but I hope not, Cade Yeager, is one of my favorite Transformer, human-friends, and there is a setup for more story here with him and Vivian and Izabella.

Are there rectcons? Totally. Doesn't bug me in the least, since they seem to be doing them so as to create a wider universe, one moreover, closer to the Transformers roots, then when these movies began. Anyone who has spent time at TFWiki, should be well aware that the whole Transformers franchise is patchwork and discontinuity. That's just how fiction is. All fiction, even Babylon 5, is filled with minor, or major contradictions.

Anyhow. I enjoyed Transformers: The Last Knight. And am not dissuaded from liking it, because it causes some people discontent.

Wait until I post about my Transformers toy collection, and my views regarding different lines and continuities, that's sure to cause some fans, major heartache...


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