Sunday, June 25, 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers Optimus Prime Last Knight, Optimus Prime, Movies, Hasbro, Michael Bay
Eh, critics hating on a Transformers, live-action movie, is neither unexpected, or without tradition... They didn't care that much for the G1 Transformers Movie either.

For that matter, I can't recall any Michael Bay movie, ever being praised. So...

I enjoyed it. Were there things I'd do different? Sure. That being said, the film begins a realignment, bringing the Bayformer's just slightly closer to their G1 origins.

I know Mark Wahlberg, said this is his last Transformers movie, but I hope not, Cade Yeager, is one of my favorite Transformer, human-friends, and there is a setup for more story here with him and Vivian and Izabella.

Are there rectcons? Totally. Doesn't bug me in the least, since they seem to be doing them so as to create a wider universe, one moreover, closer to the Transformers roots, then when these movies began. Anyone who has spent time at TFWiki, should be well aware that the whole Transformers franchise is patchwork and discontinuity. That's just how fiction is. All fiction, even Babylon 5, is filled with minor, or major contradictions.

Anyhow. I enjoyed Transformers: The Last Knight. And am not dissuaded from liking it, because it causes some people discontent.

Wait until I post about my Transformers toy collection, and my views regarding different lines and continuities, that's sure to cause some fans, major heartache...


Friday, June 23, 2017

WeiJiang Deformation Era Cartoon Version: T-WARRIOR Commander (KO Oversized RiD Optimus Prime)

K O Version R I D Optimus Prime, Chefatron, WeiJiang, Transformers

This toy, can be found under different names, depending on where you get it. One place even calls him, Samurai Series Commander.

First, the screengrab is from Chefatron's review. Go watch it! And also check out The Matrix Reviewer's vid of the toy. There are very few English reviews of this KO Optimus Prime, to be found.

Anyhow, I just bought this figure, in my quest for a more 'regular' Optimus Prime, to go into my Transformers collection. I generally like the Anime style of the robot design, still wish he was only cab and not a cab-trailer hybrid, I think keeping him only a cab would have fixed a few scale issues, regardless.

And I've been considering picking up a Transformers: Prime, Voyager Prime, as I've noticed a few cheap on eBay. But we'll see...

Yeah. Its going to take a month for this thing to get into my hands, from China. Though I did get a good deal on it price wise. 10.68 USD and free shipping, so there's that.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight - Zhang Jie (Jason Zhang) X Ambassadors: Torches

This actually works as thematic music for this installment of the Transformers movies. Now I wouldn't have minded more Imagine Dragons, giving us a new song like "Battle Cry" but I also like this. You can say a lot (of bad things... ?) about these movies, but Transformers films, usually have pretty good music, as far as that goes.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Favorite, Transformer

The Last Knight HOUND, Transformers, Hound, The Last Knight, Toys, John Goodman

Spike Witwicky's original Transformers, best buddy was supposed to be the military jeep Hound, and Not Bumblebee, that's not however the way things ended up playing out in G1 era Transformers, and Hound ended up doing other things, besides babysitting the human.

But Hound was the first Transformer my Mother ever bought me, I loved it! All those rubber tires and diecast parts! Ironically, I do not currently have an incarnation of Hound in plastic. Though I am planning on fixing that real soon.

Yes, the movie version of Hound is a little bit, Bulkhead, though I still rather like him, and its helpful he's voiced by John Goodman.

Debating exactly what figure to get.

There's a Classics (Generations) version, which is close to his G1 self out there, though hard to get and often expensive, though it can be done on eBay. I've been drooling over that figure for awhile now. And of course there is Combiner Wars Hound, which is a good mold and I like overall, but surprisingly harder to come by then the Generations mold... However, looking at pictures and some pre-review videos, The Last Knight Hound mold is working for me on some level, and might be easier to get... 

Mercedes Unimog tactical vehicle, Hound, Transformers, The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight

I like the compactness of it, and the color green. Stout, yet muscular! 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Kitten: Tia Kai

Tia Kai, Cat Ears, Meow, Asian Girl

Tia Kai, Asian Girl, Boobs

Tia Kai, Red Dress, Asian Girl

Tia Kai, Cat, Pussy, Asian Girl

Tia Kai, Legs, Stockings, Feet, Toes, Asian Girl

Tia Kai, Ass, Boobs, Feet, Asian Girl, Toes

Tia Kai, Boobs, Landingstrip

Tia Kai, Cat, Pussy, Asian Girl

Tia Kai, Cat, Pussy, Asian Girl

Tia Kai, Feet, Toes, Shoes, Asian Girl

Tia Kai, is your Friday Kitten.

According to Tia, she loves"I love junk food, playing video games & getting naked... " Works for me!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wonder Woman, is Unassailable!

wonder_woman-movie-2017-kneeling-(13811), Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, DC Comics

So much could have gone wrong with this movie, in our current social justice PC driven environment, but luckily for us and DC Comics/Warner Brothers, it did not.

This is feminism, as it should be, and not the cartoon variety, currently being lauded by pussy hats and stupid crybaby marches...


Everything about this movie is good. Diana Prince, and Steve Trevor aka Gal Gadot, and Chris Pine have a great chemistry. Superbabe Diana, is both a warrior, and the  apex of feminine beauty as she goes forth from her island paradise, to confront the horrors (and wonders) of man's world.

Before I go on, I should say, Wonder Woman, since I was a young boy, embodied for me the 'Ideal Woman' strong, confidant and yet eternally female. Her origin had a lot of influence upon my own Morningstars.

OK. Now back to the film. I cannot gush enough, every frame was a treat. This actually had a lot in common with Man of Steel, though I doubt some will see it since they are blinded by a strong anti-DC Comics bias. Diana and Clarke were in effect both presented the same choice and both had to deal with the same sort of overwhelming force that threatened mankind.

By the way, I like how the movie correctly used the term 'Man' to be mean humanity. (I'm looking at you, modern Star Trek... )

It let both Diana, and Steve be heroes, and did not foolishly kowtow to the the stupid 'Grrrl Power!' meme, we're lucky Joss Whedon had nothing to do with this movie...

Wonder Woman, was a strong, independent empowered female, but not at the cost of emasculating Steve Trevor.  That's how its supposed to be done!

All I can really say is. I want more Wonder Woman!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wonder Woman - Tina Guo

Tina Guo, and her Electric Cello perform the awesome Hans Zimmer, Wonder Woman theme. I love it, this music is really primal.

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