Thursday, April 27, 2017

Roadrunner Books Update

And so, the Pronoun, experiment didn't work out so well. But I did learn a few things. One, I repackaged the Skirt Lifted Series, as the Naughty Girl series, which has allowed me to sell those books at a higher price point. So, in a way, this is good.

Why didn't Pronoun, work out for me?

Its hard to sell Erotica, or more to the point, various ebook distributors have conflicting polices regarding porn and ebooks. A book I had on Pronoun was indeed climbing up the sales charts at a steady pace, but they put the kibosh on it. Their loss. I have since put it up directly on Amazon, without any problems.

Why do I think this is even an issue? In a word: Apple. Stupidly, ebook distributors use the iStore as their morality baseline. Its true, they worry a lot about what Apple wants. Apple and its founder are known prudes. The distributors really should care more about Amazon - Not that Amazon is wonderful of course, but they've figured out how not to bite the hand that feeds them. At least as of this moment.

I actually think this is rooted in the fact Pronoun is owned by Macmillan, and therefore they cling to the safest, 'legal' route they can. That's simply corporate culture, and I fully expect them to come down on Vox Day, eventually, even though he's been singing the praises of the platform. Because its pretty clear, they'll eliminate any content, they find to be controversial. All it will take is a focused SJW attack and he and those he publishes, are done there.

Speaking of Amazon. I am really pleased with the new Kindle Direct Publishing interface.  Its pleasant to use, and now they accept all sorts of file types, to be converted into Kindle, therefore saving me a headache.

And lastly:

The Roadrunner Books, page got a bit of an overall. Now with inline, clickable book covers, that take you to each books sales post, on this blog.

You'll notice there are only sales links to Amazon and Smashwords. No, I am not going exclusive. Amazon however, is the only direct link worth highlighting in my opinion. The books will be available, via Smashwords at Kobo, and Barnes and Noble - As much as B&N is even worth bothering with. Once I figure out a glitch going on with Google Play, I will place a link on the sales posts for that. Google Play is kinda odd.

Why am I highlighting the Smashwords link? The use of coupons, which is also my prime reason for publishing there. At first I was going to push the books to other retailers via Draft2Digital, yet I already had them uploaded on Smashwords, and they were approved, so I've just sent them that way. To every retailer Smashwords sends books, but Apple, which is not worth bothering with and jumping through hoops, to get approval for.

*Addendum: As a test I tried to ship the Naughty Girl books, via Smashwords to Apple, and what do you know, they seemed to have shipped without any ticket. But who knows, as Apple could at any moment change their mind. We'll see.

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