Thursday, April 6, 2017


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There are many platforms out there, to publish from. Direct on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Lulu,com, and one of my favorites, Draft2Digital - Which if it were still affiliated with Amazon Kindle would make it my default platform.

Oh, and of course, Google Play... Where publishing a book, is deceptively complex. Odd how search engine giants, make it almost too straightforward a process...

But um, so Vook, became Pronoun. I've been holding off trying it out, but I found I wanted to publish Stars, Only Visible in Darkness on Amazon and make sure it would be free. There were a handful of ways I could go about doing this.

Trick Amazon into making it free... Which is a whole lot of work.

Use, but that also has proven to be a pain in the neck, as I can't only send it to Amazon that way and I already have it up at places like Google Play and if I did that there would be publishing conflicts.

I've had a Pronoun membership, since before it became Pronoun, and had yet to use it. It was super easy to publish with. Now I find myself debating if I should pull my books from other platforms and just publish via Pronoun.

Yes it was that easy. And there's something to be said, for publishing once. via a central hub rather then using two, or three outlets.

And here's the sleek Author Page they let you build.

Edit: I have added a 'Pronoun Gateway', as I think this will prove a less stressful publishing experience, overall. 

FYI: This is not a 'Writing Blog' I will not typically be talking about the nuts and bolts of publishing, or writing. No one, not even other authors, if they are honest, want to hear about that stuff.


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