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Naughty Girl #4

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Naughty Girl #4, Spanking, Caning, Knickers, Panties, Asian girls, British Girls, Stockings, Feet, Shoes, English Spanking, Firmhand, RealSpankings, Spanking Punishment, Assume the Position Studios, aka ATP, Bun Beating Fun, Chinese Spanking, Dallas Spanks Hard, Diseno Media HPS (Pain4fem), Girls Boarding School, Sarah Gregory Spanking, The Lazy Maid, Northern Spanking, Punished Brats, Wellspanked, Xerotics, Spanking Story, Spanking Stories, Pandora Blake, Ten Amorette, Maisie Dee, Clare Fonda, Sarah Gregory, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Samantha Grace, Kailee   Robinson, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Amber Pixie Wells, Sierra Salem, Elizabeth Simpson, Abigail Whittaker, Samantha Woodley, Leia-  Ann Woods, Rosaleen Young

Naughty girls, will never learn! And the only way to deal with a misbehaved young woman, is by giving her a reddened bottom. This collection of stories, is not romance, so be forewarned. Its focus is strictly on naughty girls getting their bared rumps, properly roasted.

Table of Contents

The Singaporean, Girl

Part 1. New Neighbors

Part 2. Overheard…

Part 3. Bad Girl, Bo

Epilogue: Laundry Room Blues

Billy Goats Gruff

Night Out

Caning A British Bird

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The Singaporean, Girl 

Part 1. New Neighbors

[Bo Yang, 22]

The occupants of 7C moved in over the weekend, Saturday, twelve noon, on the dot. “Old Man” Calvin Summers, long time resident of Redwood Apartments, just arrived back home from sharing a round of drinks at his local VFW Hall with his buddies, met one of his new neighbors. “Here, let me help you with that, young lady.” Calvin said, and caught hold of the box that the pretty girl nearly dropped in her try to push open the apartment door, while balancing the unwieldy box.

The girl, Asian and undeniably gorgeous! Any man, in particular, an oldster like Calvin, couldn't help but stop and take a good gander. Her long black hair fell straight down her back. She wore jeans, and a T-shirt, that hugged perky breasts. Never mind, her cheerful smile. That alone would have gotten Calvin's attention.

“Thank you,” said the girl in faintly accented English.

“Hello,” said Calvin. “I'm Calvin Summers, looks as if we share a wall.”

Again, the girl grinned. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Summers --”

“Calvin's OK, sweetheart.” Calvin insisted. “Or, well most people around here call me 'Old Man'. Don't know why exactly, there are older guys besides me, living in Redwood. Guess, I'm like everyone's grand pappy. But please, stick with Calvin.”

The girl didn't seem at ease, addressing Calvin, as anything but 'Mr.', however she introduced herself. “Hello.” Offered her hand. “I'm, Bo Yang…” In the next room, a voice called out in Chinese. “And that's my Mom. She's not so good at English. We're working on it.” Bo promised. “We just came to the USA, from Singapore.”

Mrs. Yang appeared from out a bedroom, and spoke to her daughter in a rush of Chinese, Calvin couldn't hope to understand, or keep up with. Bo made a few gestures, and explained Calvin was a neighbor, who'd assisted her with a box that she almost dropped. This seemed to satisfy Mrs. Yang, who warmly greeted Calvin, the best she could, without being able to thank him in English.

“Mom, says, 'Thanks, for helping my clumsy daughter'.” Bo offered for Calvin's sake, and tried not to roll her big brown eyes.

Having nothing more interesting to do, and honestly not really wanting to part company with the beautiful young woman, Calvin offered and stayed to lug more boxes up from Bo's beat up, old powder blue Volkswagen van.

During a break between hefting boxes, Mrs. Yang made everyone tea.

Mrs. Yang, hadn't been teasing, exactly, when she called Bo, 'Clumsy'. On at least three occasions, the girl blundered over a box she'd haphazardly stacked. The third time, the contents spilled out onto an already cluttered floor.

One of the objects in the moving box, a three-foot, thick, crook handled piece of rattan. Bo quickly glanced to see if Mr. Summers noticed, he hadn't seemed to. She scooped up the cane, along with a handful of her clothing, coats, mostly and shoved it all into her not yet arranged bedroom before anyone could see.

Tuesday evening, following the Yang's move, Calvin brought a basket of his laundry to the communal laundromat, where he ran into, folding, and doing she and Mrs. Yang's clothing, Bo, in the midst of sorting varied color, lacy underwear.

“Mr. Summers!” Bo greeted, sounding her typical buoyant self. “How was your day?” Without asking, took his basket and selected a machine, as if it were something she'd always done and tossed his laundry in, using her own soap, placed quarters in and started the washing cycle. “Mom's glad to have had your help, move us in.” Bo explained. “We've nearly everything unboxed already.” Singsong-like. “Can you believe it?”

Calvin couldn't get a word in. Instead, he enjoyed listening to Bo talk. He'd noticed the girl to be more hushed around her mother. Otherwise, Bo tended to chatter on nonstop. Which didn't bother him in the least. Bo had a very pleasant, soothing feminine voice.

“Got a date?” Calvin wondered, when he bumped into Bo as he returned home, leaving her apartment dressed in a formfitting dress, which accentuated all Bo's womanly bits. Bo, being somewhat tiny, however thanks to chunky shoes, gained a few inches. Calvin praised. “You're very pretty, tonight.” Who was he kidding? Bo'd be pretty wearing anything. Often, she did wear casual clothes and always came off as stunning. “You'll make him melt!”

Bo, who appeared as if she'd recently been crying, said. “No Mr. Summers.” Managed a bright smile. “I'm going to work.”

“Where's that?”

“The Blue Moon Bistro.” Bo said. “I'm a hostess.”

“Must have just started, I take it?

“Second week.” Bo said demurely.

“Bo?” Calvin couldn't shake the sense, Bo was upset. “Everything, alright?”

“Fine Mr. Summers.” Bo, timidly bit her lower lip. “Mom and I just had an argument. Nothing important.” Glancing at her phone, in that gorgeous singsong voice, exclaimed. “Got to go, bye! See you later!”


Naughty Girl #3

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Naughty Girl #3, Spanking, Caning, Bdsm, Stockings, Jeans, Stockings, Feet, Shoes, English Spanking, Firmhand, RealSpankings, Spanking Punishment, Assume the Position Studios, aka ATP, Bun Beating Fun, Chinese Spanking, Dallas Spanks Hard, Diseno Media HPS (Pain4fem), Girls Boarding School, Sarah Gregory Spanking, The Lazy Maid, Northern Spanking, Punished Brats, Wellspanked, Xerotics, Spanking Story, Spanking Stories, Pandora Blake, Ten Amorette, Maisie Dee, Clare Fonda, Sarah Gregory, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Samantha Grace, Kailee   Robinson, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Amber Pixie Wells, Sierra Salem, Elizabeth Simpson, Abigail Whittaker, Samantha Woodley, Leia-  Ann Woods, Rosaleen Young

Naughty girls, sometimes know they need a royal good spanking! This collection of stories, be warned, isn’t romance. Its all about misbehaved young women, having their panties removed so they can receive severe, very well-deserved wallopings administered onto curvaceous bared posteriors, either by cane, slipper, or heavy leather tawse.

Table of Contents

Blue Knickers

Part 1. Dance The Night Away

Part 2. Car Trouble

Part 3. Peel'm Off

House Rules

The Bengali Girl

Three Little Birds

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About The Author

Blue Knickers

Part 1. Dance The Night Away

[Alicia Buckingham, Age: 19]

The mobile thrummed away in her purse, yet Alicia ignored it, being that she was much too busy chatting up a delicious stud of a guy. Little did she notice it had already gotten to be fifteen minutes past her eleven o’clock weekday curfew.

Instead the brunette, her full breasts taut, buxom beneath a snug, black long sleeved top, cut in such a way as to reveal just the correct amount of cleavage, pushed against the boy, who cupped one of her nicely contoured, denim concealed buttocks.

Alicia whispered into the boys ear, and walked with him, hand-in-hand onto the dance floor, her spike heeled boots, clacked with each stride of her long legs. Naughtily, Alicia was quite conscious of the fact that her powder blue knickers waistband peeped out from under the fitted jeans while she writhed on the dance floor to the pounding music's steady beat. Her guy even gave the elastic a teasing snap.

The song came to an end, and Alicia moved back toward the table, where she could no longer disregard the sound of her shrill, ringing mobile phone, which almost caused her small purse to pulsate off the tabletop. Seeing the digits, Alicia gasped, and quickly took the call. “Mum...” The response from her irate mother made it rather clear to Alicia she was in trouble. “Yes I'm sorry I'm late.” Lateness however wasn't Alicia's mum's only concern. “Oh my God!” Said Alicia after her mum explained why she’d been calling all night. “I completely forgot. Mrs., and Mr. Ashdown aren't too upset are they?” Like that matted, given her mum seemed downright outraged, a fact which would end up costing Alicia a great deal of soreness.

Alicia gazed around the club, bit her lower lip, anxious, when she noticed everyone had begun to listen in on the discussion, as her mum frothed at her from over the phone. “I'm sorry --” She pleaded, almost tearing up. “OK Mum, I'll be home! No come on...” Implored the distraught girl. “Please don't do that...” Alicia flushed, the delicious guy who only moments before she had been rubbing against on the dance floor overheard a good amount of what her mother planned for her at home. “Alright – I know.” Stomping her heeled boot she said. “Whatever, I was going to get caned for being late anyhow.” And with that she hung up, grabbed her stuff to leave the club. Things were already bad enough, no sense being even more late for her engagement with the cane.

Part 2. Car Trouble

Alicia slammed her fist down on the steering wheel, huffed, let out a low whimper as she pulled the sputtering blue Vauxhall Astra off the road. “Bloody hell!” She screamed. Outside rain cascaded off the Astra's windshield, which served only to add more to her dreary mood.

Of course, right at that moment, her mobile went off. “FUCK!”



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Friday Kitten: Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me)

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me), Cosplay, Asian Girl

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me), Cosplay, Asian Girl

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me), Cosplay, Asian Girl

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me)

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me), Cosplay, Asian Girl

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me), Asian Girl, Stockings, Ass

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me)

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me)

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me)

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me)
Your Friday Kitten is, cosplayer, model, and gamer girl, Linda Le aka Vampy Bit Me! Been following her for years. First on Facebook, and now on Instagram.

Beast Hunters: Starscream

Beast Hunters, Transformers, Transformers: Prime, Starscream

Beast Hunters, Transformers, Transfomrers: Prime, Starscream

Beast Hunters, Transfomrers, Transfomers: Prime, Starscream

I really like this version of Starscream. He appeals to me in so many ways. The color scheme even works for me. Love his head sculpt, which screams mischievousness and kind of reminds me of the Monkey King. The wings are great. Something about his look makes me think, paratrooper. I really wish we got to see Starscream, get this upgrade in Transformers: Prime.

Beast Wars II MOVIE ENG SUBBED - Lio Convoy's Critical Moment

The animation is pretty good, and very Anime in style and action. Never been a huge fan of Beastformers, as toys. Though, I did enjoy the American version of Beast Wars, which actually gave us a host of concepts which are now common place in Transformers.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Roadrunner Books Update

And so, the Pronoun, experiment didn't work out so well. But I did learn a few things. One, I repackaged the Skirt Lifted Series, as the Naughty Girl series, which has allowed me to sell those books at a higher price point. So, in a way, this is good.

Why didn't Pronoun, work out for me?

Its hard to sell Erotica, or more to the point, various ebook distributors have conflicting polices regarding porn and ebooks. A book I had on Pronoun was indeed climbing up the sales charts at a steady pace, but they put the kibosh on it. Their loss. I have since put it up directly on Amazon, without any problems.

Why do I think this is even an issue? In a word: Apple. Stupidly, ebook distributors use the iStore as their morality baseline. Its true, they worry a lot about what Apple wants. Apple and its founder are known prudes. The distributors really should care more about Amazon - Not that Amazon is wonderful of course, but they've figured out how not to bite the hand that feeds them. At least as of this moment.

I actually think this is rooted in the fact Pronoun is owned by Macmillan, and therefore they cling to the safest, 'legal' route they can. That's simply corporate culture, and I fully expect them to come down on Vox Day, eventually, even though he's been singing the praises of the platform. Because its pretty clear, they'll eliminate any content, they find to be controversial. All it will take is a focused SJW attack and he and those he publishes, are done there.

Speaking of Amazon. I am really pleased with the new Kindle Direct Publishing interface.  Its pleasant to use, and now they accept all sorts of file types, to be converted into Kindle, therefore saving me a headache.

And lastly:

The Roadrunner Books, page got a bit of an overall. Now with inline, clickable book covers, that take you to each books sales post, on this blog.

You'll notice there are only sales links to Amazon and Smashwords. No, I am not going exclusive. Amazon however, is the only direct link worth highlighting in my opinion. The books will be available, via Smashwords at Kobo, and Barnes and Noble - As much as B&N is even worth bothering with. Once I figure out a glitch going on with Google Play, I will place a link on the sales posts for that. Google Play is kinda odd.

Why am I highlighting the Smashwords link? The use of coupons, which is also my prime reason for publishing there. At first I was going to push the books to other retailers via Draft2Digital, yet I already had them uploaded on Smashwords, and they were approved, so I've just sent them that way. To every retailer Smashwords sends books, but Apple, which is not worth bothering with and jumping through hoops, to get approval for.

*Addendum: As a test I tried to ship the Naughty Girl books, via Smashwords to Apple, and what do you know, they seemed to have shipped without any ticket. But who knows, as Apple could at any moment change their mind. We'll see.

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Unicron, in Transfomers: The Last Knight?

According to the Transformers: The Last Knight, app, Primus and his children the 13 Primes, defeated the Chaos Bringer, and imprisoned him in a ball of rock and sen that ball of rock hurling across space...

If this intended as extended backstory and marketing material, its not really a huge leap to conclude that Earth, much like in Transformers: Prime, is the body of Unicron.

Oh, right. The app also says Primus, is Cybertron, which is a tried and tested part of the Transformers mythos. Which also might help explain why Cybertron seems to headed for a collision with Earth in some of the trailers.

Friday, April 21, 2017

A Stream of Stars...: Starcracker

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A Stream of Stars: Starcracker, Robots, Mecha, Science Fiction, Scifi, BSG, Cylons, Blade Runner

Vecron, and Veritraan Prime wage a game of Go. Openly, reconfiguring both the Falcanian and Morningstar peoples, so that they might become Lords of the Universe. Humanity’s future isn’t human and the Falcanians and Morningstars are tools to that end. The Falcanian Shotar has been assassinated and the Star Chasers have begun to rise up. A new player, Eden Rhys enters onto the gameboard, yet to her complete frustration, Eden discovers herself to be everyone else’s pawn.

Table of Contents

A Stream of Stars…

Series Note


Prologue: Sterner Stuff

Chapter 1. The Fallen

Chapter 2. The Specter of Veritraan Prime

Chapter 3. Mecha Girl

Dramatis Personae

Terms of Interest

Also By...

About The Author

Prologue: Sterner Stuff

[Numai. May 9, 2019]

“Allahu Akbar, death to all abominations!”

The Kalashnikov, SR-70 Taigan Pistol was an exquisite gunmetal-gray curve. A radical departure from the gunsmith's classic AK-47. Semi-automatic, the SR-70 Taigan's four heavy barrels fired a scatter of bullets, that hit with an explosive concussion.

Sikh soldiers, appointed by Raj Naresh Singh, to escort his Falcanian guests, who visited in order to inspect rebuilding efforts which they helped spearhead of the city that before World War III and its destructive bombardments had been named Mumbai. The Sikh, during the abrupt rumble of gunfire placed themselves between the lone attacker, shoulder to shoulder, beside Falcanian Drakorian Guard, ThunderStrike battledroids, and Valküri.

Nadia pushed past her own bodyguards, both Mecha and Valküri. During the salvo of gunfire, among those struck were her husband, Sharr Khan. Drakorian Guard immediately secured their Shotar inside an armored vehicle. Nadia noticed her Papa, Father-Creator, Dr. Turhan Korelia go down in a second hail of ammunition and realized Turhan lay dead, his stylish shimmery blue Nehru jacket reduced to a spatter of blood and gore. Probably the only thing that saved her husband, Nadia concluded, was that Sharr Khan chose to wear his formal armor.

Ignoring urges from her Valküri, to seek cover and the hulk of battledroids that placed themselves between she and the attacker, Nadia advanced on the enraged Muslim, who apparently wasn't too keen on the genetically engineered Falcanian presence.

Bullets shredded Nadia's babydoll sundress, slammed hard against her bulletproof body, leaving Nadia practically naked. She moved forward, unbound. Lissome tan synthetic gynoid chassis, turned impenetrable. Heads-up display zeroed-in on the assailant. Almond eyes glistened, bright-blue incandescence.

Wrenching the gun away, Nadia crumbled it and threw the broken SR-70 Taigan Pistol aside. For a moment, she considered the confused assassin. Evidently dumbfounded to discover Nadia to be more than flesh and blood. That's because, Nadia had been manufactured of sterner stuff. Her embryo hammered from raidun90. A material comprised of no scant quantity of moissanite – Silicon carbide -- Machine, given flesh.

The market street turned suddenly noiseless.

Nadia grabbed hold of Turhan's murderer by his face, forced him onto his knees. Though he tried to fight back, her superhuman strength could not be matched by no less than that of her Morningstar brothers, or sisters. Lost to overwhelming grief, Nadia's next movements were reflexive. Crush! The slightest pressure of her delicate, precision fingers and the assassin's skull cracked. Killing him in one agonizing, bloody instant.

17 Years Later

Chapter 1. The Fallen

My Morningstar children call me Vecron, the Blue Ghost. Falcanians denote me as Ishbol, Guardian of Char's watchtower. I stalk the electrical-quintessence, and exist within infinite, in-between space. Messenger of The Prime, by my skilled hands, did I recall It's Kraksang back from oblivion. Now, the 'Sunroids' once more walk the Universe, albeit in a different configuration. You need only know me to be representative of that which is holy illumination.

--- Concordance of Vecron Prime

[Falcanian Mobile Command Platform. January 1st 2035]

Imperial Strato-General Shuriken Kra stood at his conning station, and glanced across banks of monitors. His men dutifully prepared Intel. Data filtered into his large goggles, integrated into the various systems. Almost two years, he'd overseen the war as Supreme Commander. Ever since the new Imperator, Gaius Trajan fired the shot that restarted a conflict ended by a masterfully orchestrated peace treaty.

“Sitrap.” ISG Kra said.

“Sub-Strato General Temujin Sardur, reports forward movement in siege of Moscow.” Responded Sub-Commander Israduith Jarok. “City’s defense shields still holding, however, General Sardur is confident he’ll very soon break their lines.”

Shuriken Kra greatly missed Frederika, who'd long since left the field to help Sharr Khan recover from the odd cybernetic illness he suffered from. Yet, honestly, Shuriken felt more comfortable knowing Arshira was safe in her post as Commander of Homeland Security. Yes, he understood full well that the woman could take care of herself. That didn't change the fact he worried for her. Perhaps Frederika might even convince herself it would be okay to have that baby she’d been wanting? Sharr, he knew would be more than pleased to help her out there.

The Russian theater occupied Shuriken Kra’s thoughts. Dmitri wasn’t half the tactician that the Morningstar portrayed himself to be. Temujin’s little war, provoked at Sharr Khan's behest, in order to capture Natalia Antares, and the so called ‘Mecha Girl’, Eden Rhys thus far proved to be going well. Victory appeared impending. Shuriken Kra’s bigger problem, was yet another Morningstar, who fought proxy for the Imperium: General Mufasa Taharka.

“Sir! Code Purple alert!”

“I’ll take it in the war room.” Odd, Code Purple was a highly secure channel. The Shotar ever only used it for the direst of situations. Shuriken punched his ID number into the computer and the holoscreen came to life with Chancellor Trakan’s typical dour image. “Shreik. I expected Sharr --"

“Shuriken, it’s my sad duty to inform you, our Lord,” he stumbled, reluctant to say the words. “Sharr Khan Mingh Drakonis, has been murdered.”

“Murdered?” Shuriken pulled off his goggles, lurched backward into a chair. “By who?”

“The clone, Aria...” Chancellor Trakan wearily told Shuriken. “Purely a domestic matter. We are keeping the details, hushed.”

That didn’t much surprise Shuriken Kra. Aria and Sharr Khan’s relationship, had been destined from the start to go wrong. That she murdered him, somehow did not shock Shuriken. The ISG thought he himself should have dispatched the clone when Oberon Kreis, brought her to Vorkrür Island as a ‘gift’ for Sharr. But, what’s done, is done.

“You’re to be recalled to Vorkrür, at least for the duration.” The Chancellor nodded. “There are affairs of State which need my attention. I shall see you soon.”

Shuriken pressed a button on his desk: “Sub-Commander Jarok.”

“Yes Sir.” The Mobile Command Platform’s XO answered.

“Have a transport ready, I go to Vorkrür.”

[Narshin Thryak Palace]

“Never thought we’d lose him like this. Und soon, after Oberon…” Whenever she became upset, Arshira's German accent thickened. “I always thought, Sharr Khan would be an old man, dying surrounded by a bevy of young women und his brood.” That thought caused Arshira to almost half-smile. “Or walking off into some great wasteland, to become stuff of legend.” Sighed. “This, it’s so banal. Unbelievable.” Nervously Arshira bit her lower lip. She hadn’t yet allowed herself to cry, not like Nadia and Shalimar at least. The Valküri felt she must remain stoic. Sensed major changes ahead. Anger built up in her heart. As each hour transpired, Frederika became colder, and began to fear her own fury.




Naughty Girl #2

| On Amazon | Retailer Links

Naughty Girl #2, Spanking, Caning, Stockings, Strippers, Panties, Knickers, Stockings, Feet, Shoes, English Spanking, Firmhand, RealSpankings, Spanking Punishment, Assume the Position Studios, aka ATP, Bun Beating Fun, Chinese Spanking, Dallas Spanks Hard, Diseno Media HPS (Pain4fem), Girls Boarding School, Sarah Gregory Spanking, The Lazy Maid, Northern Spanking, Punished Brats, Wellspanked, Xerotics, Spanking Story, Spanking Stories, Pandora Blake, Ten Amorette, Maisie Dee, Clare Fonda, Sarah Gregory, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Samantha Grace, Kailee   Robinson, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Amber Pixie Wells, Sierra Salem, Elizabeth Simpson, Abigail Whittaker, Samantha Woodley, Leia-  Ann Woods, Rosaleen Young

More, naughty girls! More young women, bare their curvy bottoms, to be thoroughly spanked, caned and delightfully bounce under the swat of a slipper. This collection of stories, is not romance. Its all about the spanking!

Table of Contents

Thrashing, Miss Padmore

Part 1. The Interview

Part 2. Burnt Buns

Part 3. Showing, Mum

Epilogue: Champagne Room, Shenanigans

Caned Before Bed

Wake Up Call

Also By...

About The Author

Thrashing, Miss Padmore

Part 1. The Interview

[Shawna Padmore, 26]

“Do you know why you are here, Miss Padmore?” Milton Hargrave inquired of the anxious, comely young woman, who sat on his couch, arms resting at her sides, palms pressed low into the seat cushion, plates of auburn ringlets draped down over bare shoulders and back. Underneath her flimsy pastel pink halter-strap summer dress, bountiful cleavage, heaved up and down. One thickly shod foot, pearl painted toenails, wiggled.

Wetting lush lips, Shawna Padmore responded. “To be beaten, Sir.”

“Yes, my dear.” Agreed Hargrave. “But, why?”

Shawna bent forward, reached for her cuppa tea on the coffee table. A movement that caused her tits to crush together. Given she wasn't wearing a bra, as it would have clashed with this particular sundress, the sight proved most spectacular.

Also, a delaying tactic, so Shawna didn't have to directly answer Milton Hargrave's question. Sarcastic, she thought to herself: Because you, 'Mr. Hargrave', persuaded Mummy, that I needed a good hiding. That's why! Oh, and likely so you could get a free eyeful of my booty, without handing over any quid for the honor. She really wanted to say exactly that. And honestly, it almost did pour out from Shawna's Revlon, 'Stormy Pink' glossed lips.


“Chores.” Shawna mumbled.

“What's that, girl?” Hargrave prompted. “Speak up.”

“Neglecting housework, not tidying my room.” Indeed, Shawna's bedroom remained quite consistently a jumble of suitcases brim full of clothes, shoes, lingerie. Seasonal wardrobes fit for the Queen. Sundry gifts and baubles she'd managed to coax out of clients, also took up each and every corner. Guys enjoyed giving her stuff, mostly sex toys.

A veritable wreck.

“Is that it?” Milton Hargrave wagged his finger. “I happen to be aware, there's more to it, than the calamity that is your bedchamber, Miss Padmore.”

Shawna sighed, and rolled big blue eyes. Biting her lower lip, twiddling an auburn strand between meticulous manicured nails, she said. “Attitude.”

Milton Hargrave thought: Now, we're getting someplace. “Yes Miss Padmore, indeed that’s true. Your Mum tells me, you've blatant disregard for her rules.” Pointed out. “You'd not be here, if for a moment, you thought you could afford to live on your own. Yet your Mum's ultimatum: Shape up, take your thrashing, or get out of her house, didn't give you many options.”

Working as a stripper under the name Serenity, at Foxxx'N the Hen House Gentleman’s Club, Shawna Padmore realized she'd never be able to afford living on her own. Bloody economy! As it occurred, Mum's rent was keen -- FREE. Never mind, Shawna locked horns with her Mum ever since she hit 18. Sure, Mum tolerated Shawna's lifestyle, to a degree. Apparently however, Mum did have her breaking point. This is why Shawna currently sat here, sipping Earl Grey, musing on her imminent thrashing, at the hands of this elderly gentlemen, neighbor.

Severely, Milton Hargrave regarded Shawna. “Tell me, Miss Padmore, exactly what brought your Mum to ring me up, and ask for my opinions on handling disobedient daughters?”

Sure were quick to suggest a caning. Snootily thought Shawna. On occasion, she'd noticed Milton Hargrave ogling her bum. Dirty old man. She was rather familiar with his type. “Fine Milton.” Misplaced the expected 'Mr. Hargrave' he'd insisted upon at the outset of this interview. A friend who was practically family. A reality Shawna concluded, which made Hargrave's resolution permissible to her Mum, who lacked fortitude to administer his recommended thrashing. “I got home, sloshed, a guy on my arm. We shagged, unleashed all sorts of shenanigans.” From what she remembered, it had been a nice roll in the hay. Explained, unable to keep the aforementioned catty attitude out of her tone. “Mummy's rules forbid blokes in my room.”

Milton Hargrave nodded, satisfied. Not so much however as he soon would be. Giving this little vamp her long overdue, royally pain of a rump, a thorough spanking should prove a delight. “Are you quite prepared to be thrashed, Miss Padmore?”

Shawna got up. Gracefully, over womanly contours, her clingy pink sundress hugged the exotic dancer's lissome, curvaceous frame. 6-inch, stripper Pleaser shoes, finest cold hard cash could purchase, clanked on stained hardwood, when Shawna made a show of obstinately stomping her exquisite foot. Best bitchy delivery. “I suppose.”...

Roadrunner Books

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Transformers: Robots in Disguise Season 3 Trailer! (Combiner Force)


Is it me, or does the Combiner Force logo, look like Blurr's head? Even though this gimmick doesn't exactly thrill me, I find the whole combining robots thing, much more tolerable then I do, the Headmaster/Titanmaster thing.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Kitten: Rattiporn Muangwong (Playmate Apple)

Rattiporn Muangwong (Playmate Apple), Playboy, Thailand

Rattiporn Muangwong (Playmate Apple), Playboy, Playmate, PMOY, Thailand, Asian Girl

Rattiporn Muangwong (Playmate Apple), Playboy, Stockings, Playmate, Thailand

Rattiporn Muangwong (Playmate Apple), Stockings, Playmate, Feet, Thailand

Rattiporn Muangwong (Playmate Apple), Playboy, Playmate, Thailand

Rattiporn Muangwong (Playmate Apple), Playboy, Playmate, Thailand

Rattiporn Muangwong (Playmate Apple), Stockings, Playboy, Playmate, thailand

Rattiporn Muangwong (Playmate Apple), Playmate, Playboy, Thailand

Rattiporn Muangwong (Playmate Apple)

Rattiporn Muangwong (Playmate Apple)

Your Friday Kitten, is Miss Rattiporn Muangwong AKA Playmate Apple, Thailand's Playmate of the Year - 2016! She's cute and fun to follow on Instagram. Yeah, its Playboy Thailand, so you don't get any naughty bits.

Still nice pictures of a lovely girl.

Oh, and a Playboy Bunny, for Easter! ;)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Naughty Girl #1

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Naughty girls! How should they be dealt with? Spankings, of course, and always on the bare. Be warned, this collection of stories is not romance. Its all about naughty young women, getting their bottoms bared, and soundly whacked! By either the cane, slipper, or hairbrush.

Table of Contents

Tabby Cat, Gets Licked!

Part 1. Cat On The Prowl

Part 2. Smoking, Cat

Part 3. Tabby, Licked

Epilogue: Tipsy Kitten

Back With The 'Rents

Pink Nightie

Wet Slipper

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Part 1. Cat On The Prowl

[Tabitha Hunter, 20]

Burgundy ringlets cascaded onto the bookstore's carpet when she bent, in order to fix the buckle on her thick shoe. Tight black sheath skirt hugged, what could only be regarded as an apple bottom. Tabitha, 'Tabby Cat' to friends and family, got up, adjusted her wire rimmed glasses, and returned the book she held onto a nearby shelf.

Tabitha owned the body of a 1950s pin-up, extremely Bettie Page and she dressed the part for her job. Some misguided souls, might have labeled Tabitha 'chubby'. If 5' 5” and natural 34DD-24-37 were considered too big, Tabitha didn't want to be small.

Guys didn't seem to complain.

Of course, Tabitha really considered herself an 'Alt-girl' and it showed with her many piercings. Ears naturally, where she had three, currently filled with various hoops, lower lip, where a tiny platinum node glinted and nipples, just to be naughty.

What a week. It began with an epic break up with her boyfriend, which left Tabitha out on her ass, no place to stay. Luckily, Tabitha's aunt, Karla, allowed her to quickly move in. So far, so good – Though, Aunt Karla could be sort of strict.

“Goodnight, Tabby.” Said Mr. Ryall, owner of the Notting Hill bookshop as they exited out onto the sidewalk, after closing for the day. “Any plans for the weekend?”

“Thought I might catch a movie before I go home... Back to my Aunts.”

“Enjoy yourself, and see you Monday.”

And so, Tabitha clacked down the street. A week ago, she'd have run home to her boyfriend, and surprised him with wild sex. But no more Jaks Marlow for Tabitha. His loss. Hey, Jaks was the bloody fool who cheated on her with that blonde bimbo.

Now. What to do with herself? Aunt Karla wouldn't be home from work yet. Tabitha had an obscure memory of her Aunt remarking at the breakfast table this morning, not to be out all hours of the night. That she should be home, no later than midnight, or there would consequences. Wait! So now she had a curfew?

Tabitha thought, perhaps that required clarification. She was twenty, not thirteen!

“Hello, Aunt Karla?” Said Tabitha into her mobile, forced to leave a voice mail, because Karla didn't answer. No doubt she was busy at the hotel. “I just wanted to touch base. Did you give me a curfew this morning? We need to discuss it.” Added, maybe a little bit snotty. “You are aware? I'm not a teenager anymore.”

Part 2. Smoking, Cat

Rather early yet, when Tabitha departed from the movie theater. Treated herself to a tear inducing chick-flick. Heart wrenching romance, plus vampires, that didn't shimmer in daylight! In fact, they were down right frightening, in a sullen sort of way.

Looking into her compact, Tabitha fixed her eye make-up.

Tabitha thought a pub for dinner would do her soul some good. Yes, some ale and pie! Better that than going back to her aunts, somewhat cramped and empty flat so early in the evening. Maybe she'd run into a friend?

A block from Aunt Karla's flat, not far even from where Karla worked at a posh hotel in the front office, Tabitha got herself a booth, and ordered a pint of ale, as well as her favorite steak and mushroom pie. After she ate, Tabitha got dessert, butterscotch custard, and coffee.

Out on the street, she checked her watch, a tad past 11:30.

Supported by one of her black and red chunky heeled Mary-Janes, Tabitha leaned on a wall outside of the pub, and pulled out a pack of Dunhill cigarettes, lit up and puffed away. At long last, the weeks stress completely evaporated. ...

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Transformers The Last Knight NEMESIS Trailer

Looks, good!

No really. There's something about this movie, that resonates with me. Maybe its the Arthurian, touchstone they're using? And I know I said it before, but I really like Cade!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Stockings, Ass, Hold Ups, Panties

Five-feet seven inches, Jaylin’s long nut-brown hair was always neatly piled up on her head. Oval wire-framed glasses rested nicely on her small button nose only helped bring out the color of her striking blue eyes. Ms Matthews worked with me in my home office, keeping everything ship shape as it were. That is to say, Ms. Matthews was my personal assistant, my secretary, also my daughter Tera’s best friend.

It was 8:15 Am, and I sat in my chair reading my newspaper and drinking coffee. Jaylin, was twenty minutes late, the third time this week, but I didn't worry about it. Its Friday, and Ms Matthews knows what to expect when she shows up today.

Rushing down the stairs, Jaylin came into the office, and came to an abrupt stop when she saw me sitting in my leather chair reading. “Sorry sir.” Jaylin blurted out. “I know I’ve been late alot this week.” She looked down at her black strappy shoes, her hands dropping to the sides of her tight short business skirt. Under a form fitting, but simple gray sweater top two perky nicely shaped breasts stand out.

“We’ll handle that in a moment, Ms Matthews.” I say and glance back at my paper. I see out of the side of my vision that she nods and goes over to a corner of the room. Returning to where she had previously been standing, Jaylin is now holding a straight eight-foot long rattan cane.

After a moment I go over to Jaylin, and take the rattan she's holding. We’ve done this often, weekly and enough to make a routine of it. I place a hand on Jaylin’s back, guide her forward without needing to issue a command. Jaylin, takes her hold of her ankles above the straps of her black pumps, a corkscrew of brown hair breaks free and dangles just above the maroon rug of the home office.

Behind Ms Matthews, I take hold of the hem of her tight skirt and pull it up over her hips to the small of her back, exposing an inviting sight of two nicely curved thighs and buttocks calling to be caned, encased in black thong panties. I grasp the sides of Jaylin’s thong, and then slowly pull the panties down to just below her hips. Then I take the rattan and rest it in the cleft of her ass, returning to my chair, so I can complete my newspaper and coffee.

From my chair I hear Ms Matthews sigh, yet say nothing. I watch her keep that lovely little nose pointed toward the floor. She breathes steadily, patiently awaiting me to administer her thrashing. “What do you and Tera have planned for this evening?” At last I ask.

“Clubbing, sir.” Jaylin says with the slightest hint of anticipation in her sing-song, sweet voice.

Coffee and paper done, I get up and reach for the cane, Jaylin noticeably stiffens as I stand behind her with the rod. Her thighs become taught, and she grasps more firmly to her ankles, almost holding the straps of her shoes. Taping the rattan on her pert, out thrust tan ass, I then raise it up above my head to only slash down with the full strength of my right arm. There is a gasp but no other outcry from Jaylin, as the stroke connects with her firm bottom cheeks.

The next stroke bounces off the underside of her thighs and this rewards me with a tiny aborted cry. Stroke three quickly followed, producing a very girly yelp from the young woman subject to the cane. Four and five land in succession being met by restrained grunts and gasps and I must admit that they were pretty hard the rattan bending around the curves of her thighs I am impressed that Jaylin, managed to hold her place.

Jaylin, now openly crying, forces herself to hold her place, she knows that getting up or swearing will only lead to extra strokes, and that they will be doubly as hard as what she is already getting.

Ridged welts crisscross Jaylin’s tight bottom, she flinches and clenches her cheeks together in a vain attempt to conceal her womanly virtues, but the inviting pink pussy is well on display for me and as always I feel my own desires rise.

Whimpering, waiting for the next cut, Jaylin rocks back and forth slightly in her place.

Tapping the tip of the cane on the highest peek of her ass, I snap it back and am admiralty pleased by the result of my efforts.

“FUCK!” Jaylin cries out.

I note that the last stroke produces a nasty looking purplish weal.

Sobbing and speaking through her perfectly white teeth, Jaylin says: “I’m sorry, sir” it is said with the profound horrific knowledge, that she has added three extra strokes to her dozen.

I give her the next three strokes firmly, landing them over her rounded bottom, one after the next Jaylin, only cries and holds her ankles with a steadfast grip.

We have at last reached the final three of her original caning, and these I give with precision, which cause her to cry out loudly.

Completing my job of her original, earned strokes, I stand and look at my work. Ms Matthews’s rear end is expertly marked and I wonder where I shall land her extra three cuts without doing too much more damage to her shapely ass.

Sniffling, Jaylin says: “I’m ready for my extra, sir”

I see her bite her pink lips and she adds. “Please, please do it fast... I know I shouldn’t have said that naughty word… it just hurts sooo much.” Jaylin pleads.

Doing as Jaylin wishes, I give her the extra strokes at a fast pace, though they are no less hard than the first twelve cuts of the rod, they are in truth much harder, since I am putting the weight of my whole body into each one. She whimpers and cries, even at last begs for it all to end.

I must say that I admire her strength and endurance. Over this past year and half, Ms Matthews has become much more able to take her whippings without out too much protest. I think what made it easier was having the opportunity to witness, Tera take a dose of strict discipline from me more than a few times.

Telling her to stand up and dress herself, Jaylin adjusts her skirt, wincing as she pulls it over her bruised bottom. It’s going to take some effort to not shift and fidget in her chair today.

Carefully sitting, crossing her long tan legs, the pain of her caning clearly shows on her lovely face. Jaylin, opens her note pad, taps her pen, she even manages to broadly smile at meand says: “I bet Tera’s in for a good sound whipping, for skipping class yesterday.”

Now, I had no idea that Tera, had not attended her college class the other day. Ms Matthews of course knew this, when she dropped this fact. I shall attend to my naughty daughter’s rear with at much precision as I have her friend, Jaylin.

Despite her pain, Jaylin smiles and we begin the workday waiting for Tera to pop her head in to say hello. Ms Matthews was lucky she didn’t have an audience for her punishment Tera won’t be so lucky.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Combiner Wars: Prowl

Combiner Wars, Prowl, Police Cruiser

Combiner Wars, Prowl, Police Cruiser

Combiner Wars, Prolw, Police Cruiser

Combiner Wars, Prowl, Police Officer, Shotgun

Combiner Wars, Prowl, Police Officer, Shotgun

Combiner Wars: Prowl, is a neat figure. Sure, he's a redeco of Combiner Wars: Streetwise, but whatever. People complain there are no 'Door Wings' but to be honest, I'm glad he doesn't have them, as this mold gives him a less blocky profile.

I love the paint job, such as it is. The metallic blue, the same paint is used on Battle Core: Optimus Prime, and fits nicely here as well. its actually real clear Prowl and Prime are supposed to be Combiner partners just by the deco.

I love this police cruiser mode. Very sleek!

Prowl's triple-barreled shotgun, is great. Just wish they painted it black, or kept the gunmetal color, Streetwise shotgun had.

Oh, right, my 'Not Prowl' can be Streetwise/Streetsmart again, now that I have a default Prowl.
Hey, they should make a Barricade out of this mold!

Mmm... I'm thinking I should either pick up another Transformers: Prime Streetwise, or if I can get my hands on it, the Prime: Prowl as well. That way, I can have a whole police unit! An army builder?

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Pronoun, Indie Publishing, Self-Pub, DiY

There are many platforms out there, to publish from. Direct on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Lulu,com, and one of my favorites, Draft2Digital - Which if it were still affiliated with Amazon Kindle would make it my default platform.

Oh, and of course, Google Play... Where publishing a book, is deceptively complex. Odd how search engine giants, make it almost too straightforward a process...

But um, so Vook, became Pronoun. I've been holding off trying it out, but I found I wanted to publish Stars, Only Visible in Darkness on Amazon and make sure it would be free. There were a handful of ways I could go about doing this.

Trick Amazon into making it free... Which is a whole lot of work.

Use, but that also has proven to be a pain in the neck, as I can't only send it to Amazon that way and I already have it up at places like Google Play and if I did that there would be publishing conflicts.

I've had a Pronoun membership, since before it became Pronoun, and had yet to use it. It was super easy to publish with. Now I find myself debating if I should pull my books from other platforms and just publish via Pronoun.

Yes it was that easy. And there's something to be said, for publishing once. via a central hub rather then using two, or three outlets.

And here's the sleek Author Page they let you build.

Edit: I have added a 'Pronoun Gateway', as I think this will prove a less stressful publishing experience, overall. 

FYI: This is not a 'Writing Blog' I will not typically be talking about the nuts and bolts of publishing, or writing. No one, not even other authors, if they are honest, want to hear about that stuff.

Power Rangers

Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Black Ranger

This is a surprisingly good movie. Why it works, it has heart. No really, see this film. Yes I'm gushing.I love the suits/armor and Zords.

Go, Go, Power Rangers!

I hope there's a sequel, bringing Lord Zed into the mix. Yeah, I don't think that's the last we'll see of Rita Repulsa, either.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

This is a really good movie, as all DC Comics animated films seem to be. The interaction, leadership and romance between Koriand'r / Starfire, and Dick Grayson / Nightwing is fun to watch and grounds the movie.

The plot of course delves into some topics very familiar to fans of the Teen Titans TV series. That is, the who Tara Markov / Terra, and  Slade Wilson / Deathstroke theme of betrayal and family which was a major plot in the series.

Did I mention, I love Starfire! Its good, she's not just eye candy... Ah, not that she isn't being used for that to some degree. But there's a whole Wonder Woman, thing going on with her as well. So is the next movie going to deal with Koriand'r and her homicidal sister's, big issues?

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Godzilla [World Tour]- Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla Stop Motion

This is amazing. Of course, SwagWave SM, does some really good Transformers, stop-motion as well. I really liked the sets, and buildings.

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