Friday, March 3, 2017

Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime

Transformers, Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime, Trucks

Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime, Transformers, Trucks, Big Rigs

Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime, Transformers, Trucks, Big Rigs

These two guys are placed on my shelf next to one another, on purpose. I wanted it to be very clear, Battle Core Optimus Prime, is the Optimus Prime, and not simply a giant white Ultra Magnus.

I should also say, I prefer it, when Ultra Magnus, is his own man/toy, which is one of the reasons I prefer the Transformers: Prime, RiD mold, even though I think it could have been built better and made from superior plastic then what we got.

I also like how they look together.

Guess my point is, a redeco is not always a new character, and in Battle Core Optimus Prime's case, Hasbro did not label him as either 'Ultra Magnus', or 'Nova Prime' and they could have done either if they really wanted to do so. I mean, he has Star Convoy's head, and Star Convoy is indeed a powered up Optimus Prime. They could have called him that as well I suppose.

Not, Ultra Magnus...


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