Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Stream of Stars... /Miniseries?

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One of the delays in getting out the third Neo-human book has been, my realization that its going to be gigantic and complex. In fact, I concluded its really three different stories.

Yes, of course the plots are carryovers from what began long ago, in Starblade, but by the third part, so much has changed and characters and plot are moving in a different direction. 

To grapple this, I chose to break it down into three separate books. I think doing so, makes it more consumable. 

The first of the A Stream of Stars... Miniseries, is going to be titled: Starcracker. Right, when I say miniseries, I'm treating A Stream of Stars..., as if it were a sub-series within the Neo-human 'Verse. This will make it less confusing to publish. I really wanted to avoid just labeling each book A Stream of Stars... 1, 2, and, 3. That's sort of boring and a bit confusing. 

Perhaps a bit shocking, Starcracker, doesn't conclude on a cliffhanger, as you might guess, given its a part of a larger book. It ends on a resolution.

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