Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Slightly, Streamlined Blog...

I think I've said it before. I love Nabble's software, but it is sort of clunky for the modern Internet Age. More so then that, the Nabble gallery setup had gotten beyond my original intents. It was time to pull things back a bit.

Above you'll notice the Roadrunner Books tab, its also on the sidebar - If you press the Roadrunner Books logo, that will also take you to the page. This is basically, just my Payhip store in an iFrame. Though I have to say, its a very smooth integration of it. The reason I didn't do that from the beginning was, I wasn't able to provide direct links for each book, to places like Amazon, Kobo... ect. However on the page there are indeed links to those outlets, I figure if anyone doesn't want to purchase direct from my store, they can and would click on those links to their preferred retailer.

But having the bookstore, like this makes it more direct and there to be seen. I really wish I could somehow categorize things in Payhip...

Also the Gunblade Forum, is now a Muut forum. Why? Cause its lite on resources and mobile friendly. Never mind, universal login. Feel free to join!

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