Sunday, February 19, 2017

There Will Be, Naked Women...

Trouble with Katie Rogers

Once again, I think I should restate why I created this blog...

Yes, it is here to promote my books, the Neo-human and Skirt Lifted series. Mainly though, its intended to be my own platform, where I can openly, and freely speak my mind. Book promotion is indeed an aspect of that, but it is not the beginning and end of it.

Am I being deliberately provocative, by including sections, like my "FAQ"? Ah, sure, kind of. Really I just want to organize my thoughts. I'm sure that annoys, or offends some people. Whatever... In the grander scheme, that doesn't matter.

I offer no apologizes for posting scantily clad women. Yes, just as I enjoy talking about Transformers, and Nerf,  I also enjoy posting about pretty women. Get over it, its my blog and I shall continue to do so.

PS: Des Taylor is one of my favorite artists. Wish I could find the full Katie Rogers book...

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