Friday, February 17, 2017

The Last Knight: Megatron

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Clearly, between Age of Extinction, and the Last Knight, Megatron reformatted his 'Galvatron' body and reclaimed his identity.

But what's his alt-mode? At first, given there's no vehicle kibble, I assumed Megatron to be the dragon we've seen in some of the promo artwork. But just a few minutes ago on Youtube I watched a video that showed a purported Megatron toy, and its alt-mode is a very cool jet.

Looking at this picture, I noticed there are some shared cues between this Megatron and Transformers: Prime, Megatron.

Here's the TP: Megatron Voyager toy:

AM15 Darkness Megatron

In the prototype images for The Last Knight, Megatron toy its clear just like with the Transformers: Prime version, his legs become his wings.

First I hope so, since I'm not very into Megatron as a Beastformer. Second, if the toy is a Voyager size I'm all into getting it, and I hope the transformation is a whole lot less complicated then the Transformers: Prime Megatron...

That thing is fiddly. 

Prototype Megatron, The Last Knight toy...

Megatron, The Last Knight, Prototype

Megatron, The Last Knight

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