Friday, February 3, 2017

The Bookstore, Got Overhauled

I overhauled the bookstore. It is now using the Nabble app. Moreover, Nabble now allows 'Adult Content'.

This overhaul is not simply cosmetic, it is structural. Using Nabble, is like having another blog, even though the Roadrunner Books Nabble app is in 'Gallery' format it is essentially a blog/forum complete with RSS feeds. That is, its redundant to keep posting to the Roadrunner Books Blogger blog.

My experience with Nabble inclines me to think using it as a bookstore will be very helpful. Posts seem to be immediately discoverable by search engines.

Though I will keep the Roadrunner Books Blogger site up, I am shuttering it, and Shaitanshammer will be my primary blog. I seem to be using it that way anyhow.

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