Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Stegosaur - The Dinobot, That Could Have Been

Robots In Disguise. Transfomers, Stegosaur, Grimlock

Stegosaur, the Dinobot could have been on Robots in Disguise, 2015. I think this is cool and do hope he does show up at some point. 

And I guess its semi-official, Grimlock, the big green lug on RiD2015, is just a fanboy and not the Dinobot leader with the really huge ego, and curious way of talking.

That actually makes a whole lot of sense. There are two (Maybe more) "Grimlocks" in the Aligned Continuity

In other news. Busy trying to complete something. Hopefully this week it will get done and be posted. Hence lack of posting.

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