Friday, February 3, 2017

Hammershot v Strongarm?

Hammershot, Nerf, Nerf Blaster

Strongarm, Nert, Nerf blaster, Hasbro

Its a huge debate in the Nerf community, what is a better sidearm? Zombie Strike Hammershot, or Strongarm?

Upfront I should say, I am unsure of the practicality of dual-wielding, however I can think of a number of good reasons to want a free hand.
But I want to look at this a bit different.

Lets talk about each blasters construction. The first thing I noticed when I picked each blaster up, was how they felt. A Strongarm – Feels like a toy. Its clanky, meaning you hear a lot of plastic moving which I find off putting.

A Hammershot, doesn't feel like a toy. It feels solid, is the only way I know how to put it. And this alone helped make me prefer the Hammershot, over a Strongarm. Out of the box a Hammershot packs a punch.

I'll tell you, this conclusion surprised me. I wanted to be a Strongarm fanboi, but after handling both blasters, I had to agree with the popular opinion, that the Hammershot is a better overall, more practical blaster.

Does a Strongarm have a place? Sure. I think the Strongarm might be better suited toward children, for ease of use. Am I glad I got one? Yes. Its one of Nerf's bestselling blasters, probably because its very straightforward in what it does.

Yet I am fully intending to pickup another Hammershot, just because I think its so great!

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