Sunday, February 19, 2017

Grape Head, Galvatron!!!

Galvatron, Titans Return, Transformers, Voyager

Galvatron, Titans Return, Voyager, Transformers

Galvatron, Transformers, Titans Return, Transformers

When I first got this figure, there were things I liked about it. Overall he worked, but at the same time there were a bunch of stupid things Hasbro did, that almost ruined for me.

Mostly the stupid Headmaster gimmick...

It just doesn't fit with Galvatron and is poorly shoehorned into the figure. The pop-up crown, ruins it. However, had Hasbro painted Nebulon, that flaw could easily have been overlooked and Galvatron, would be a great figure.

The whole head gimmick annoys as much as the green windows and light-piping on Beast Hunters: Optimus Prime. Takes what could be a great figure and ruins it.

Anyhow, so I spent last night looking at Galvatron, and decided to do a thing I usually am not very into, and modify him a bit.

Took out my silver, black, red, and purple Sharpies and went to work.

Must say, I was surprised at how good this turned out. The purple blends in with the color on the toy, and has taken on a metallic sheen. It helped that I colored the whole Titan Master. Everything but its own head.

And I kind of like him without the crown. Yes I know Galvatron his supposed to have swept back spikes on his head, but this works. At least his head and body now look as if they go together. To me its a massive improvement. 

Now to just get the Shapeways cannon adapter so his arm can be more posable... 

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