Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Stegosaur - The Dinobot, That Could Have Been

Robots In Disguise. Transfomers, Stegosaur, Grimlock

Stegosaur, the Dinobot could have been on Robots in Disguise, 2015. I think this is cool and do hope he does show up at some point. 

And I guess its semi-official, Grimlock, the big green lug on RiD2015, is just a fanboy and not the Dinobot leader with the really huge ego, and curious way of talking.

That actually makes a whole lot of sense. There are two (Maybe more) "Grimlocks" in the Aligned Continuity

In other news. Busy trying to complete something. Hopefully this week it will get done and be posted. Hence lack of posting.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Grape Head, Galvatron!!!

Galvatron, Titans Return, Transformers, Voyager

Galvatron, Titans Return, Voyager, Transformers

Galvatron, Transformers, Titans Return, Transformers

When I first got this figure, there were things I liked about it. Overall he worked, but at the same time there were a bunch of stupid things Hasbro did, that almost ruined for me.

Mostly the stupid Headmaster gimmick...

It just doesn't fit with Galvatron and is poorly shoehorned into the figure. The pop-up crown, ruins it. However, had Hasbro painted Nebulon, that flaw could easily have been overlooked and Galvatron, would be a great figure.

The whole head gimmick annoys as much as the green windows and light-piping on Beast Hunters: Optimus Prime. Takes what could be a great figure and ruins it.

Anyhow, so I spent last night looking at Galvatron, and decided to do a thing I usually am not very into, and modify him a bit.

Took out my silver, black, red, and purple Sharpies and went to work.

Must say, I was surprised at how good this turned out. The purple blends in with the color on the toy, and has taken on a metallic sheen. It helped that I colored the whole Titan Master. Everything but its own head.

And I kind of like him without the crown. Yes I know Galvatron his supposed to have swept back spikes on his head, but this works. At least his head and body now look as if they go together. To me its a massive improvement. 

Now to just get the Shapeways cannon adapter so his arm can be more posable... 

There Will Be, Naked Women...

Trouble with Katie Rogers

Once again, I think I should restate why I created this blog...

Yes, it is here to promote my books, the Neo-human and Skirt Lifted series. Mainly though, its intended to be my own platform, where I can openly, and freely speak my mind. Book promotion is indeed an aspect of that, but it is not the beginning and end of it.

Am I being deliberately provocative, by including sections, like my "FAQ"? Ah, sure, kind of. Really I just want to organize my thoughts. I'm sure that annoys, or offends some people. Whatever... In the grander scheme, that doesn't matter.

I offer no apologizes for posting scantily clad women. Yes, just as I enjoy talking about Transformers, and Nerf,  I also enjoy posting about pretty women. Get over it, its my blog and I shall continue to do so.

PS: Des Taylor is one of my favorite artists. Wish I could find the full Katie Rogers book...

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Last Knight: Megatron

Transformers, Megatron, Movies

Clearly, between Age of Extinction, and the Last Knight, Megatron reformatted his 'Galvatron' body and reclaimed his identity.

But what's his alt-mode? At first, given there's no vehicle kibble, I assumed Megatron to be the dragon we've seen in some of the promo artwork. But just a few minutes ago on Youtube I watched a video that showed a purported Megatron toy, and its alt-mode is a very cool jet.

Looking at this picture, I noticed there are some shared cues between this Megatron and Transformers: Prime, Megatron.

Here's the TP: Megatron Voyager toy:

AM15 Darkness Megatron

In the prototype images for The Last Knight, Megatron toy its clear just like with the Transformers: Prime version, his legs become his wings.

First I hope so, since I'm not very into Megatron as a Beastformer. Second, if the toy is a Voyager size I'm all into getting it, and I hope the transformation is a whole lot less complicated then the Transformers: Prime Megatron...

That thing is fiddly. 

Prototype Megatron, The Last Knight toy...

Megatron, The Last Knight, Prototype

Megatron, The Last Knight

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Optimus Prime's - Maker, Quintessa?

Gemma Chan, Humans, Robots, Transformers: The Last Knight

Rumor has it, Gemma Chan, of AMC's Humans, is Quintessa - Optimus Prime's 'Maker' in Transformers: The Last Knight.

Is it just Optimus Prime, or all the Cybertronians? I get the impression, Quintessa, is probably going to fill a sort of Primus, role in the movie-verse.

Good casting, regardless.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Friday Kitten: Koi Sakura

Koi Sakura, Ass, Feet, Asian Girl, Socks

Koi Sakura, Ass, Feet, Stockings, Asian Girl

Koi Sakura, Ass, Asian Girl

Koi Sakura, Asian Girl

Koi Sakura, Ass, Asian Girl

Koi Sakura, Asian Girl

Koi Sakura, Ass, Asian Girl

Koi Sakura, Ass, Asian Girl

Koi Sakura, Asian Girl

Your Friday Kitten is, Koi Sakura! What can I say? Koi, is amazing. This girl oozes sexuality.

I seem to be posting alot of Asian girls...

Koi Sakura, is obviously a model.

PS: Yes I know its Saturday...

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Bookstore, Got Overhauled

I overhauled the bookstore. It is now using the Nabble app. Moreover, Nabble now allows 'Adult Content'.

This overhaul is not simply cosmetic, it is structural. Using Nabble, is like having another blog, even though the Roadrunner Books Nabble app is in 'Gallery' format it is essentially a blog/forum complete with RSS feeds. That is, its redundant to keep posting to the Roadrunner Books Blogger blog.

My experience with Nabble inclines me to think using it as a bookstore will be very helpful. Posts seem to be immediately discoverable by search engines.

Though I will keep the Roadrunner Books Blogger site up, I am shuttering it, and Shaitanshammer will be my primary blog. I seem to be using it that way anyhow.

Hammershot v Strongarm?

Hammershot, Nerf, Nerf Blaster

Strongarm, Nert, Nerf blaster, Hasbro

Its a huge debate in the Nerf community, what is a better sidearm? Zombie Strike Hammershot, or Strongarm?

Upfront I should say, I am unsure of the practicality of dual-wielding, however I can think of a number of good reasons to want a free hand.
But I want to look at this a bit different.

Lets talk about each blasters construction. The first thing I noticed when I picked each blaster up, was how they felt. A Strongarm – Feels like a toy. Its clanky, meaning you hear a lot of plastic moving which I find off putting.

A Hammershot, doesn't feel like a toy. It feels solid, is the only way I know how to put it. And this alone helped make me prefer the Hammershot, over a Strongarm. Out of the box a Hammershot packs a punch.

I'll tell you, this conclusion surprised me. I wanted to be a Strongarm fanboi, but after handling both blasters, I had to agree with the popular opinion, that the Hammershot is a better overall, more practical blaster.

Does a Strongarm have a place? Sure. I think the Strongarm might be better suited toward children, for ease of use. Am I glad I got one? Yes. Its one of Nerf's bestselling blasters, probably because its very straightforward in what it does.

Yet I am fully intending to pickup another Hammershot, just because I think its so great!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Battle Core Optimus Prime, Part II

Optimus Prime, Transformers, Truck

Optimus Prime, Transformers, Truck

Optimus Prime, Transformers, Truck

Optimus Prime, Transformers, Robot

Optimus Prime, Transformers, Truck

Optimus Prime, Transformers, Robot

Now that I have him in hand, I must say, I like Battle Core Optimus Prime, even more. I find him emotionally satisfying to transform. Related to that, I'm not afraid to fiddle with him. Unlike a great many Transformers, BC Optimus Prime is sturdy!

Not a bit of diecast in him, and yet he feels solid, both in robot and truck modes. Hasbro, needs to make more Transformers that feel like this. His joints are all tight, and the ratchets click in the way that they should.

OK. There are some fans who, because of his paint job insist  upon calling him 'Nova Prime' or 'Ultra Magnus', though I understand why they are doing this, I do not feel the need. He's simply a powered-up version of Optimus Prime. I mean, if an Optimus, can be a gorilla, he can be a white/gold truck.

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