Sunday, January 29, 2017


Thirteen, 13, Cylon God

I intend the Thirteenth13, to be a different sort of 'Newsletter'. Many authors have them, but I wanted this to be its own thing, and much more then a way for me to inundate you with updates regarding my writing and books.

Yes, it does do that, but the model I am following isn't a normal newsletter.

My model, in fact is the Drudge Report, which is effectively a news aggregate and clearinghouse.

All last night and this morning I was trying to decide on the format. I knew it needed to have some kind of online archive. Yahoo Groups, is at at first blush awesome for this model. But I wanted it readily readable on both Shaitanshammer, and Roadrunner Books.

I finally settled on Google Groups. Might as well utilize Google resources, if I'm using Blogger as my main web entities.

As you can see from the first entry, its really just a list of links - Headlines, to stories I find of interest across the Internet. I'll probably expand upon this, by offering my own commentary, and likely add some sort of logo and images to the next issue.

Which is 'Irregular'.

Before you ask. The name is a (probably, very) esoteric reference to the Cylon God... As the hypothetical 13th, and unseen Cylon.

Feel free to sign up!

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