Saturday, January 28, 2017

On the Matter of Browsers

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Up until a few days ago, I'd been using Opera's cousin browser, Vivaldi. However I'd been having some issues. It had become sluggish, my Adblock wasn't blocking ads at all - A problem I noticed on both Firefox and Blue Moon as well.

Opera for me used to be my go-to browser and I only stopped using it because it at one point didn't seem to be starting up very fast. Oh and Speed dial...

But a few days ago, annoyed that was being assaulted by ads I chose to give Opera a try.

Let me tell you. Its wonderful! Loads fast now, and I can view my bookmarks in a list format, so I do not need to comb through Speed dial.

Another great feature is the FREE built in VPN.

I find it fast, with a clean interface and have only felt the need to add two addons - My Lastpass vault, and just to be sure, another adblocker, which seems to be doing the job of stopping a few things that Opera's built in adblock was not.

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