Friday, January 27, 2017

My First Transformers Knock Off (KO)

Starscream, Air Commander, Seeker, Red Devil, KO, Knock Off

OK. I guess the Transformers collectors community consider Machine Boy, a third party company, but whatever. What makes a toy third party and not a knock off? Red Devil here, is an upscaled Deluxe size of a Legion-class toy.

Currently I only have a Beast Hunters version of Starscream, I like it a lot, but have been wanting a more Classic incarnation of the Decepticon second in command. There is of course the new Robots in Disguise Warrior Class, which is good, but hard to get at a reasonable price.

Did I mention, Red Devil can be purchased on eBay, for a whopping $4.21. Yes you read that right, I got this toy for under five bucks.

With free shipping.

More Transformers, figures should come so cheaply...

Sorry, last link wasn't the original mold. This however is.

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