Monday, January 30, 2017

Battle Core Optimus Prime...

Battle Core Optimus Prime, Robot

Battle Core Optimus Prime, Altmode

I just ordered this figure.

To me its main selling point, is the altmode. I've been wanting a more 'regular' Optimus Prime, figure. There's a version in proper Optimus colors, red and blue, however everyplace I look that version is insanely expensive. A point I find odd, considering I thought everyone hated the Combiner Wars figure, cause of his gorilla arms...

Yes the white and gold deco, is a bit jarring, though I must say it grows on you and is actually quite gorgeous once you adjust to it.

If Optimus Prime, can be mostly blue, with flames in the movies, I guess he can be angelic in color scheme. Haven't we already established Optimus Prime, is the savior figure in the Transformers mythos?

His cab mode, just rules though. Kinda reminds me of Galvatron, from Age of Extinction.

Kinda of cool!

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