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Battle Core Optimus Prime...

I just ordered this figure.
To me its main selling point, is the altmode. I've been wanting a more 'regular' Optimus Prime, figure. There's a version in proper Optimus colors, red and blue, however everyplace I look that version is insanely expensive. A point I find odd, considering I thought everyone hated the Combiner Wars figure, cause of his gorilla arms...
Yes the white and gold deco, is a bit jarring, though I must say it grows on you and is actually quite gorgeous once you adjust to it.
If Optimus Prime, can be mostly blue, with flames in the movies, I guess he can be angelic in color scheme. Haven't we already established Optimus Prime, is the savior figure in the Transformers mythos?
His cab mode, just rules though. Kinda reminds me of Galvatron, from Age of Extinction.

Kinda of cool!

Vecron Sequence #3: Killer Robot...

Eyes glowed, vibrant electric-blue.

Behind Nadia, the broad frame of a bucket-head, blood-red ThunderStrike battledroid levitated. Off to her side, an arm gently placed on the Queen's shoulder, a Valküri adjutant, escorted the distraught Nadia to where her husband Sharr Khan, already had been safely secured in an armored vehicle during the thwarted assassination attempt.

Sharr Khan leaned toward his wife, her eyes beginning to revert to their normal bright blue state as she stepped up into the heavy transport. Ethereal cerulean gown, a bloody, tattered wreck fell off one shoulder. Shredded from the gunfire that she'd, moments earlier, walked into. As for the blood, none of it belonged to Nadia.

Nadia got in, and her Valküri closed the door.

The armored vehicle rumbled as it kicked into gear.

In all the years Sharr Khan knew his wife, never once did she abuse her superhuman Morningstar muscles against that of other sapient beings. If she so desired, Sharr Khan understood, Nadi…


I intend the Thirteenth13, to be a different sort of 'Newsletter'. Many authors have them, but I wanted this to be its own thing, and much more then a way for me to inundate you with updates regarding my writing and books.

Yes, it does do that, but the model I am following isn't a normal newsletter.

My model, in fact is the Drudge Report, which is effectively a news aggregate and clearinghouse.

All last night and this morning I was trying to decide on the format. I knew it needed to have some kind of online archive. Yahoo Groups, is at at first blush awesome for this model. But I wanted it readily readable on both Shaitanshammer, and Roadrunner Books.

I finally settled on Google Groups. Might as well utilize Google resources, if I'm using Blogger as my main web entities.

As you can see from the first entry, its really just a list of links - Headlines, to stories I find of interest across the Internet. I'll probably expand upon this, by offering my own commentary, …

EmGo's: Dude, Where's My Couch?

EmGo's skits are highly entertaining. They probably help sell more toys for Hasbro, then one could guess. Though, that's not his goal. EmGo, is funny!
Ah and we cannot forget Mascot!

Gunsword, Forum?

I axed the old forum, that existed in an iFrame. And in its place I launched the Gunsword Forum.

Gunsword? It probably should have been called - Gunstar, but, Gunsword simply sounds cool and in the Muut format you don't see the forum title at the top of the page anyhow. I just wanted something that sounded cool.

Went back to Muut, because of the integration. No really. The forum feels like a part of the blog and not only that, is very lite on resources, plus mobile friendly.

I realize, with this post I am stomping on the Friday Kitten post and I don't like doing that. So here's a direct link:  Friday Kitten: Chasty Ballesteros

Vecron Sequence #2: Sterner Stuff

[Numai. May 9, 2019]

“Allahu Akbar, death to all abominations!”

The Kalashnikov, SR-70 Taigan Pistol was an exquisite gunmetal-gray curve. A radical departure from the gunsmith's classic AK-47. Semi-automatic, the SR-70 Taigan's four heavy barrels fired a scatter of bullets, that hit with an explosive concussion.

Sikh soldiers, appointed by Raj Naresh Singh, to escort his Falcanian guests, who visited in order to inspect rebuilding efforts which they helped spearhead of the city that before World War III and its destructive bombardments had been named Mumbai. The Sikh, during the abrupt rumble of gunfire placed themselves between the lone attacker, shoulder to shoulder, beside Falcanian Drakorian Guard, ThunderStrike battledroids, and Valküri.

Nadia pushed past her own bodyguards, both Mecha and Valküri. During the salvo of gunfire, among those struck were her husband, Sharr Khan. Drakorian Guard immediately secured their Shotar inside an armored vehicle. Nadia n…

My Weebly Sites, Seem to be Gone... ?

Not sure what's up exactly, but my Weebly sites all seem to be gone. You go to any of the links and and a 404 Error appears.

Not only are they gone, I can't seem to login to Weebly. I did this via Facebook, and won't even, in any browser bring up the dialogue box to login.

Well there was a practical reason I returned to Blogger - Easier to manage, among other things. The only sacrifice being the need to use the 'Adult Content' warning at the front of the blogs.

On the Matter of Browsers

Up until a few days ago, I'd been using Opera's cousin browser, Vivaldi. However I'd been having some issues. It had become sluggish, my Adblock wasn't blocking ads at all - A problem I noticed on both Firefox and Blue Moon as well.
Opera for me used to be my go-to browser and I only stopped using it because it at one point didn't seem to be starting up very fast. Oh and Speed dial...
But a few days ago, annoyed that was being assaulted by ads I chose to give Opera a try.
Let me tell you. Its wonderful! Loads fast now, and I can view my bookmarks in a list format, so I do not need to comb through Speed dial.
Another great feature is the FREE built in VPN.
I find it fast, with a clean interface and have only felt the need to add two addons - My Lastpass vault, and just to be sure, another adblocker, which seems to be doing the job of stopping a few things that Opera's built in adblock was not.

Friday Kitten: Chasty Ballesteros

The lovely, Chasty Ballesteros, is your Friday KittenChasty Ballesteros, might be familiar to some from her role in Star Trek: Renegades. Her upcoming film is The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise.

My First Transformers Knock Off (KO)

OK. I guess the Transformers collectors community consider Machine Boy, a third party company, but whatever. What makes a toy third party and not a knock off? Red Devil here, is an upscaled Deluxe size of a Legion-class toy.
Currently I only have a Beast Hunters version of Starscream, I like it a lot, but have been wanting a more Classic incarnation of the Decepticon second in command. There is of course the new Robots in Disguise Warrior Class, which is good, but hard to get at a reasonable price.
Did I mention, Red Devil can be purchased on eBay, for a whopping $4.21. Yes you read that right, I got this toy for under five bucks.
With free shipping.
More Transformers, figures should come so cheaply...
Sorry, last link wasn't the original mold. This however is.

I Got Sidetracked...

The events of last Friday, enthralled me, and also unrelated to that, I wasn't feeling so good, or up to writing. I didn't even post the Friday Kitten.

That being said, I do have some posts I intended to make. 1 related to web browsers, and the other about the Cylon God...

Wait! I'm still talking about BSG and Caprica?


Pixels Into Words

I can't believe it took this long to see the pattern.

Evidently, this is how it works. At the beginning of the year, I write a porn (better known as Erotica) and then I focus on my Science Fiction work.

A Stream of Stars..., is coming out, eventually. Still rewriting the final chapter. Which is a complex exercise. Meanwhile last night I wrote good notes for a new Spanking Short.

In those notes, are also chapter headings. Which is usually a good indication that the story is going to write itself, as it were.

Vecron Sequence #1: Unicorn Star

Sharr Khan drank his tea, its smoky bite and citrus tang stimulated his taste buds. The Shotar considered, he'd need to commission more of this succulent blend. Gathered for a casual brunch before going off to inspect Numai, the Shotar sat beside Raj Naresh Singh, inside the Kuras mansion's comfortably furnished lounge. Sharr Khan took notice of Damianus Vorskrai, and followed the Guilthari lord's lustful gaze.

Ear tips peeked out from beneath twists and ringlets of her elaborately arranged auburn hair, which hung suggestive, over bare shoulders and back. Nadia Korelia's magnetic presence commanded the room. Scandalously short, flirty, blue babydoll Summer dress clung to her every contour. Nadia's bountiful breasts heaved at each regular breath, seemed as though they just might pop out. Knee-high, chunky black claw-boots, made the ensemble, combat chic. Nadia couldn't help but ooze sex appeal, she'd been manufactured that way.

Oh yes, Sharr Khan recalled e…

Friday Kitten: Sunny Fae

Sunny Fae, is adorable! No really, there's hot, and adorable - Sunny Fae, is cute as a button. Look at that smile. It'll make you melt!

My Not Prowl, Arrived!

I really love this figure! It rings "Transformers" to me. Does that make sense? Something about it evokes childhood memories. Maybe its the head sculpt? I don't know- I just like it.
Speaking of the head sculpt. Its got awesome light-piping. A gimmick I think all Transfomers, should be manufactured with - Provided they're not electronic in any manner.

The Smokescreen Mold

The original use of the mold. Smokescreen, looks very sleek!

Prowl! I still want this guy. Good amount of black vs. white paint apps. Really, they just added a new head sculpt and light-bar.

Streetwise. Dropped some paint apps, and changed out black for blue in places.

Barricade! Probably the ultimate use of this mold. Best paint job out of the bunch. Good luck finding him, however...

All images from TFWIKI.NET.

The First Technomancer

Born of a demon, intended to be a messiah, only later to become a madman of the forest glen, the enigmatic figure history recalls as Merlin Emrys is not who, or what you think he is. With his faithful owl Vrroch, Merlin wanders high, and low. Ever seeking, always learning. His magic, and meddling can make empires rise or fall.
Get this FREE as a proper ebook in the BOOKSTORE!

Chapter 1. The Devil Comes...

Who said Merlin is dead? If my discovery at Granith Tor is any indication, the man who history recalls as Merlin Emrys roams this universe still. Certainly, the Lady Imogen Drake's recovery and restoration of the weapon Excalibur confirms the existence of the warlord Uther Pendragon, which implies also a King Arthur. Geoffrey of Monmouth and Sir Thomas Mallory just didn't get all the details exactly right. There's little doubt. Merlin was real! Born of a demon, he was both a would be Messiah, and madman of the forest glen.

--- Oriole 'Orin' Amirjeen, Private Corre…