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Transformers: The Last Knight

Eh, critics hating on a Transformers, live-action movie, is neither unexpected, or without tradition... They didn't care that much for the G1 Transformers Movie either.

For that matter, I can't recall any Michael Bay movie, ever being praised. So...

I enjoyed it. Were there things I'd do different? Sure. That being said, the film begins a realignment, bringing the Bayformer's just slightly closer to their G1 origins.

I know Mark Wahlberg, said this is his last Transformers movie, but I hope not, Cade Yeager, is one of my favorite Transformer, human-friends, and there is a setup for more story here with him and Vivian and Izabella.

Are there rectcons? Totally. Doesn't bug me in the least, since they seem to be doing them so as to create a wider universe, one moreover, closer to the Transformers roots, then when these movies began. Anyone who has spent time at TFWiki, should be well aware that the whole Transformers franchise is patchwork and discontinuity. That…

WeiJiang Deformation Era Cartoon Version: T-WARRIOR Commander (KO Oversized RiD Optimus Prime)

This toy, can be found under different names, depending on where you get it. One place even calls him, Samurai Series Commander.

First, the screengrab is from Chefatron's review. Go watch it! And also check out The Matrix Reviewer's vid of the toy. There are very few English reviews of this KO Optimus Prime, to be found.

Anyhow, I just bought this figure, in my quest for a more 'regular' Optimus Prime, to go into my Transformers collection. I generally like the Anime style of the robot design, still wish he was only cab and not a cab-trailer hybrid, I think keeping him only a cab would have fixed a few scale issues, regardless.
And I've been considering picking up a Transformers: Prime, Voyager Prime, as I've noticed a few cheap on eBay. But we'll see...
Yeah. Its going to take a month for this thing to get into my hands, from China. Though I did get a good deal on it price wise. 10.68 USD and free shipping, so there's that.

Transformers: The Last Knight - Zhang Jie (Jason Zhang) X Ambassadors: Torches

This actually works as thematic music for this installment of the Transformers movies. Now I wouldn't have minded more Imagine Dragons, giving us a new song like "Battle Cry" but I also like this. You can say a lot (of bad things... ?) about these movies, but Transformers films, usually have pretty good music, as far as that goes.

My Favorite, Transformer

Spike Witwicky's original Transformers, best buddy was supposed to be the military jeep Hound, and Not Bumblebee, that's not however the way things ended up playing out in G1 era Transformers, and Hound ended up doing other things, besides babysitting the human.
But Hound was the first Transformer my Mother ever bought me, I loved it! All those rubber tires and diecast parts! Ironically, I do not currently have an incarnation of Hound in plastic. Though I am planning on fixing that real soon.
Yes, the movie version of Hound is a little bit, Bulkhead, though I still rather like him, and its helpful he's voiced by John Goodman.
Debating exactly what figure to get.
There's a Classics (Generations) version, which is close to his G1 self out there, though hard to get and often expensive, though it can be done on eBay. I've been drooling over that figure for awhile now. And of course there is Combiner Wars Hound, which is a good mold and I like overall, but surprisingly …

Friday Kitten: Tia Kai

Tia Kai, is your Friday Kitten.

According to Tia, she loves"I love junk food, playing video games & getting naked... " Works for me!

Wonder Woman, is Unassailable!

So much could have gone wrong with this movie, in our current social justice PC driven environment, but luckily for us and DC Comics/Warner Brothers, it did not.

This is feminism, as it should be, and not the cartoon variety, currently being lauded by pussy hats and stupid crybaby marches...


Everything about this movie is good. Diana Prince, and Steve Trevor aka Gal Gadot, and Chris Pine have a great chemistry. Superbabe Diana, is both a warrior, and the  apex of feminine beauty as she goes forth from her island paradise, to confront the horrors (and wonders) of man's world.

Before I go on, I should say, Wonder Woman, since I was a young boy, embodied for me the 'Ideal Woman' strong, confidant and yet eternally female. Her origin had a lot of influence upon my own Morningstars.

OK. Now back to the film. I cannot gush enough, every frame was a treat. This actually had a lot in common with Man of Steel, though I doubt some will see it since they are blinded by a str…

Wonder Woman - Tina Guo

Tina Guo, and her Electric Cello perform the awesome Hans Zimmer, Wonder Woman theme. I love it, this music is really primal.

Friday Kitten: CJ Miles

CJ Miles, is your Friday Kitten! Compact, Asian cuteness!

Star Trek: Discovery - First Look Trailer


I have a bad feeling about this. Before I go further, I never once complained about any new incarnation of Star Trek, even as the fan base, routinely exploded anytime something new came along, I tended to take a, lets wait until we see the thing, first before we condemn it approach.

Not this time.

Though it looks visually interesting, however the Discovery herself externally is annoying, as most Federation ships tend to be in their design... Everything else, the uniforms and sets look nice to me. I actually like that bridge layout.

And yet. I can't get past the nagging feeling, this is going to become one tedious Social Justice lecture, after another.

Could be wrong. But I don't think I will be.

Comet TV!


Comet TV, well actually, its just called Comet - Is what the Syfy Channel used to be when it first was created.That is a channel offering all sorts of old Scifi, with the cheese tuned to 11! I was searching on the Roku app for more free television channels and came across it and added the channel, and I am glad I did!

Friday Kitten: Cara Rose (Delia Rose Phillips)

Your Friday Kitten is, Cara Rose (Delia Rose Phillips), she is a British Adult Telephone Model. Yup, that's a thing in the UK. She also looks good in stockings.

Samurai Jack (Season 5)

Samurai Jack's final season is turning out to be very good. Was it always this bloody? Not a complaint, who am I to complain about violent fiction? I say bring it on! The more raw, the better. Though, I think I already figured out how the series is going to end.

Jack, and Ashi will defeat Aku, and settle down and have a big happy family. Me. I'm OK with that, and in fact prefer something of a happy ending. Fiction does not always need to be tragic, nor should it be. Seriously, things don't always need to end like that and going for the hip ending where everyone, including the hero loses is just, Meh...

So, give me my happy ending!

BLADE RUNNER 2049 - Official Trailer

There are still pages left in this story. Watch the NEW trailer for #BladeRunner2049, in theaters October 6. -- Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into chaos. K’s discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former LAPD blade runner who has been missing for 30 years. From executive producer Ridley Scott and director Denis Villeneuve, #BladeRunner2049 stars Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana De Armas, MacKenzie Davis, Sylvia Hoeks, Lennie James, Carla Juri, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista and Jared Leto.K, is more than likely a Replicant.

WONDER WOMAN – Rise of the Warrior [Official Final Trailer]

I really like this trailer! That it uses one of my favorite songs, only makes it that much better! Can't wait for this movie.

Gigi's Visit

A few months ago my American niece Gisela, my sister's daughter came to spend time with me in South Africa. Gisela is a pretty young girl: Curly blonde hair that reaches down her back almost to her bottom. Green clear eyes and full pink lips along with a tiny freckle beneath her left eye complete her lovely face. At twenty-one Gigi is like most girls her age she likes to spend time partying with her friends. One day last week Gigi went out to a party and missed her One 'Clock curfew.

I spent the entire night driving Johannesburg to find her and when I did she was in quite a state. Gigi was very drunk and at the very moment I pulled up one of the clubs I found her "necking" a guy who had to be at least twice her age.

Without saying a word I dragged her into the car. We spent most of the ride home in silence until Gigi said: "I'm sorry uncle, I didn't mean to make you angry with me."

I told her that I was very worried about her and that if her mot…

Transformers - Combiner Wars: The Movie

This has a bunch of flaws, but the interaction between Optimus Prime, and Megatron isn't one of them. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that aspect of Transformers.

Oh, and Megatron's Super-Gun mode! He got many of the better lines in this.

Naughty Girl #4

| On Amazon | On Smashwords

Naughty girls, will never learn! And the only way to deal with a misbehaved young woman, is by giving her a reddened bottom. This collection of stories, is not romance, so be forewarned. Its focus is strictly on naughty girls getting their bared rumps, properly roasted.

Table of Contents

The Singaporean, Girl

Part 1. New Neighbors

Part 2. Overheard…

Part 3. Bad Girl, Bo

Epilogue: Laundry Room Blues

Billy Goats Gruff

Night Out

Caning A British Bird

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The Singaporean, Girl 

Part 1. New Neighbors

[Bo Yang, 22]

The occupants of 7C moved in over the weekend, Saturday, twelve noon, on the dot. “Old Man” Calvin Summers, long time resident of Redwood Apartments, just arrived back home from sharing a round of drinks at his local VFW Hall with his buddies, met one of his new neighbors. “Here, let me help you with that, young lady.” Calvin said, and caught hold of the box that the pretty girl nearly dropped in her try to push ope…

Naughty Girl #3

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Naughty girls, sometimes know they need a royal good spanking! This collection of stories, be warned, isn’t romance. Its all about misbehaved young women, having their panties removed so they can receive severe, very well-deserved wallopings administered onto curvaceous bared posteriors, either by cane, slipper, or heavy leather tawse.

Table of Contents

Blue Knickers

Part 1. Dance The Night Away

Part 2. Car Trouble

Part 3. Peel'm Off

House Rules

The Bengali Girl

Three Little Birds

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Blue Knickers

Part 1. Dance The Night Away

[Alicia Buckingham, Age: 19]

The mobile thrummed away in her purse, yet Alicia ignored it, being that she was much too busy chatting up a delicious stud of a guy. Little did she notice it had already gotten to be fifteen minutes past her eleven o’clock weekday curfew.

Instead the brunette, her full breasts taut, buxom beneath a snug, black long sleeved top, cut in such a way as to reveal just t…

Friday Kitten: Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me)

Your Friday Kitten is, cosplayer, model, and gamer girl, Linda Le aka Vampy Bit Me! Been following her for years. First on Facebook, and now on Instagram.