Friday, August 11, 2017

Titans Return: Voyager Megatron!

Titans Return, Transformers, Megatron, Tank, Jet

Titans Return, Megatron, Tank, Jet, Hasbro, Toys
I really like this Megatron. Yeah, yeah its Blitzwing's body but I don't care, and actually like it more as Megatron then Blitzwing.

It just works for me, though I enjoy his tank-mode far more then his jet-mode. Probably because it fits so snugly together.

Here's the thing G1 Megatron I like, but I'm not too big a fan of Megatron, as a gun... Just because I think the 'role playing' aspect of the toy makes no sense within the fiction.

All Transformers should have a mobile mode. ALL!

This one combines aspects of the G2 toy, or it can depending upon how you want to display him. As you can see I use the Titan Master chairgun, for a shoulder gun and his black fusion cannon, is displayed on his right-arm as is typical of Megatron.

One of the other reasons I like this toy so much. Transforming him into any mode, is easy and fun.

Titans Return Megatron, and Hot Rod, helped rehabilitate me on the idea of all these Transformers now being Headmasters, where Galvatron, soured me on the notion.

My one complaint is, Hasbro needs to offer replacement heads for sale, on figures they already have out. I don't mean other Titan Masters, I mean, heads for existing full figures separately for sale. No I haven't lost any heads - Yet... I just think this would be a no-brainer on their part.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Starscream RID Tribute

A visual treat, accompanied by Touch in the night by Battle Beast.

Starscream's new reformatted body, just works for him.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Paypal and Publishing Matters

Due to a snafu, regarding Paypal which I am not able to pin down at this time, and actually, don't desire to devote energy to. I am no longer publishing through Smashwords... Or any outlet which demands I use Paypal to get payments.

My distribution agent has changed to Draft2Digital.

Let me back up a bit.

Earlier in the day, I'd already uploaded my books onto Draft2Digital, not related to the Paypal snafu - Which I'd only just learned about a few moments ago. I did this because, for whatever reason (I think it has to do with how they handle metadata... ) I got better sales results with Draft2Digital on varied outlets.

However, I'd intended to keep Smashwords as a storefront, but because of this Paypal issue I can no longer do so. Draft2Digital, no hassle, like Amazon dumps my payments into my Checking Account and I don't need to move money around.

Having said all this uploading on Draft2Digital, is also a joy. What takes me forever on Smashwords, can be done in second on Draft2Digital without a headache.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Justice League Comic-Con Trailer

So, that's awesome. Does Superman, return and visit Alfred first? Not a shock, they're placing a lot of focus on Wonder Woman here.

Naughty Girl: Gemma Jane, Gets Caned

| On Amazon | Retailer Links

Naughty Girl: Gemma Jane, Gets Caned, Spanking, Caning, Spanking Fiction, BDSM, Naughty Girl #4, Spanking, Caning, Knickers, Panties, Asian girls, British Girls, Stockings, Feet, Shoes, English Spanking, Firmhand, RealSpankings, Spanking Punishment, Assume the Position Studios, aka ATP, Bun Beating Fun, Chinese Spanking, Dallas Spanks Hard, Diseno Media HPS (Pain4fem), Girls Boarding School, Sarah Gregory Spanking, The Lazy Maid, Northern Spanking, Punished Brats, Wellspanked, Xerotics, Spanking Story, Spanking Stories, Pandora Blake, Ten Amorette, Maisie Dee, Clare Fonda, Sarah Gregory, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Samantha Grace, Kailee   Robinson, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Amber Pixie Wells, Sierra Salem, Elizabeth Simpson, Abigail Whittaker, Samantha Woodley, Leia- Ann Woods, Rosaleen Young

[Gemma Jane Mawby, 18]

Eighteen year-old, Gemma Jane, anxiously gnawed on a balled fist, and fussed “I should have kept my bloody, damned mouth shut!” She fumed. Pouty, bubblegum pink lips trembled as she stood alone in the corner, waiting. Goddamn, the waiting. Ah, maybe she should stop cursing? After all, that's how Gemma Jane got herself into this mess to begin with.

Profanity, and being very argumentative.

Yup. That was gorgeous, headstrong Gemma Jane. She never took no for an answer. Particularly, these days, when 'No' more often than not had been issued from her parents. Mum, normally came head to head with her obstinate daughter over clothes, boys and lately, almost anything else. Even small, insignificant stuff.

Today had just been typical.

Right. You want to know what landed Gemma Jane, put in the lounge's corner, stripped-off, down to only scanty lace maroon knickers, bra and hold-up stockings?

Her iPhone, that's what.

Out at Sunday brunch with her entire family, Gemma Jane couldn't help herself. Like every other young woman of her generation, Gemma Jane's mobile positively was glued to her palm. All during lunch and tea, Gemma Jane kept texting, as well as playing games. Gemma Jane, it should be mentioned, would be the first to admit, she was just a tad addicted to Candy Crush Saga.

Of course, Gemma Jane's Mum became quite annoyed that her daughter remained absorbed in her iPhone, when she should have been participating in Sunday brunch. Nicely, at least Gemma Jane's Mum, Chloe believed herself to have been more than kind, certainly not confrontational about the request, asked Gemma Jane to put away her mobile. Not that Chloe thought such mattered. She was Gemma Jane's Mum, so what she said, went.

In the end, it all became an argument. Gemma Jane, told her Mum to. “Go piss off!”

Chloe Mawby, made a very public show of informing her wayward, foul mouthed daughter, that upon returning home, she was to strip-off and wait in the lounge to be thoroughly thrashed for her poor behavior. This public castigation mortified Gemma Jane and made her blush a 100 shades of crimson. Perfect strangers were now aware she'd get a proper thrashing, as her Mum put it, once her family departed the posh restaurant.


Prompted by a spank to her jean covered rump, seconds upon going inside the house, Gemma Jane had been instructed to strip-off to bra and panties. Seriously, Gemma Jane didn't even make it through the threshold before her Mum delivered a hard smack.

“FUCK!” Gemma Jane expressed her discomfort by cursing and yelping her way down the long hallway toward the lounge.

On a number of occasions, Gemma Jane had been told she'd the body of a pin-up girl and that she should consider modeling. Page 3 loomed in her future. Indeed, Gemma Jane fit the buxom category quite good. Hills and valleys were in all the correct places and in appealing proportions, both above and below her equator. She liked herself. It could even be said, Gemma Jane didn't much care for clothes. Lifting her tight, boob intensifying top over head however, while stumbling out of thick heels and jeans didn't at this particular moment feel liberating.

“Young, lady,” said Chloe Mawby. “You're supposed to have your hands on your head.”

Gemma Jane gasped, removed her balled fist from her lush, quivering lips, to quickly return her hands onto her crown of straight light brown hair.

Though Gemma Jane tried not to glance over her shoulder, she couldn't help but peek around. She let out an exasperated sigh, realizing once again, her Mum had left the room. Not, mind you, that Gemma Jane wanted to be caned mind, but she did desire to get it over and done. A part of her hoped she could yet talk herself out of the thrashing.

“Gemma Jane Lucinda Mawby,” said Chloe sternly. “Turn around.”

At this point, Gemma Jane was having a real hard time feigning respect. “Mum, please.” She began not at all contrite. “I --”

“That's enough young lady. Go fetch the cane.”

To which, Gemma Jane let out a muffled groan, yet took a feline like stride across the lounge, toward where the lengthy rattan cane was kept in a corner cupboard.

“OK. Let's have those knickers off.” Chloe reached for her daughter's lacy maroon panties.

“No! Don't Mum.”

Chloe exhaled. If it were the last thing she did, Gemma Jane would learn to do as she was told without an argument. She grabbed her daughters' arm. “I'd intended to only give you six strokes, but after that display, it'll now be twelve.” She guided Gemma Jane over to an overstuffed blue leather chair where thrashings in the Mawby household were traditionally administered. Pulling on the garments strap, Chloe ordered. “Take off your bra.”

“But Mum!” Sulked Gemma Jane.


Sighing, Gemma Jane reached back and unclasped her maroon bra; let it drop forward off her shoulders and 70F tits hang loose.

In the meantime, Chloe Mawby flexed the wicked cane; she bent it a few times into an almost perfect loop. Gemma Jane knew from countless, painful experience, that the implement was quite flexible and would do serious damage to her ass.

Coming to terms with her predicament, Gemma Jane submitted to the required punishment position by bending low, elbows on the seat of the big blue leather chair, soft breasts dangled, and nipples brushed against cool leather, taut butt out thrust. Chloe Mawby reached for her daughter's lacy heart covered knickers and pulled the underwear down past stocking tops, inside out to Gemma Jane's knees. Gemma Jane and her elder sister, Aimee were never caned without at least one article of clothing on. More often than not, that meant tops or bras on, though, on occasion, when the miscreant could be willful, they were ordered to go bare breasted. Panties however would remain at half-mast. To Gemma Jane, this tended to be worse than if she were totally nude. Her panties in a tangle and her legs opened made her feel profoundly exposed.

Tap, tap, and tap.

“OW!” Screeched Gemma Jane when the rod snapped across her lower parts, close to the join of butt and leg. The tip bit really hard. Gemma Jane sobbed.

Mrs. Mawby intended to be thorough and did not rush the caning. She worked her way up Gemma Jane's rear end, which jerked and bucked, even lifting up on her toes to expose stocking covered soles as she screeched under the lashing.

By the seventh stroke, Gemma Jane couldn't help but jump upward, and clutch her bruised, sore cheeks. Tears freely flowed from out of beautiful blue eyes. Lucky for her, she wore waterproof mascara. “Shit!”

Chloe though wasn't moved. “Gemma Jane, we are not done.”

“But Mum, I'm sorry. PLEASE let me off!” Gemma Jane pleaded.

But to no avail.

“No. You've been badly behaved lately. So, no I shall not let you off.” And Mrs. Mawby explained to her daughter. “There shall be extra for getting up and swearing.” Mrs. Mawby tapped the cane on Gemma Jane's shoulder, who could only weep. “I've got all evening. I suggest you get this over with.”

Reluctant, Gemma Jane re-positioned herself, pushing lower into the plush cushion.

Thud, thud, thud. The cane beat a drumbeat up and down Gemma Jane's buttocks, resulting in overlapped welts, to end in two cross strokes that hurt like blazes. 18 strokes, the most severe caning Gemma Jane to date ever got.

After spending another 15 minutes in the corner, swollen, bruised hindquarters on display, Gemma Jane was permitted to collect her clothes and go to her room.

On the way, she encountered her father, who gave his naughty little girl a sympathetic look. Gemma Jane however had been very glad to not have been caned by him, thrashings hurt a great deal more when dealt out by his powerful hands. “Mum really tore you up my girl.”

Gemma Jane nodded, tears still pouring. “Yes Daddy. I --”

“Let’s not see any more of what you did at brunch. OK?”

“Yes Daddy. I'm really sorry.”

“No doubt.”

In her room, Gemma Jane found herself a mint green nightie and sprawled out on her bed, where the fat puffy white Angora cat, Samson already curled up. She massaged her whipped butt. The stinging pain eventually would become an aching burn by tomorrow. “FUCK!” Gemma Jane remembered. “I've tennis Monday.” Aside from the ache, her too short tennis skirts were sure to make her workout, interesting, to say the least.

A Well Thrashed Young Woman, Spanking, Nightie, Welts, Cane Marks, Bare Ass

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Titans Return Autobot Hot Rod and Firedrive

Transformers, Titans Return, Hot Rod, Rodimus Prime

I hold a certain affinity for Hot Rod. Just always have. Though like every kid from the 80s I was a bit annoyed about Optimus Prime's death, I don't think I took it out on his successor.

This updated toy, rules! I think its one of my new favorite figures. His alt-mode is sleek and holds together and contains many echos of the G1 toy.

Transformers, Titans Return, Hot Rod, Rodimus Prime

Hot Rod's alt-mode!

Transformers, Hot Rod, Rodimus Prime

Transformers, Hot Rod, Rodimus Prime

And standing on the shelf with Star Convoy (That's what I call 'Battle Core Optimus Prime') In my fan canon, this is after the Great War, and new Cybertronian Golden Age, with a returned powered-up Optimus Prime and Hot Rod as his second-in-command.

Transformers, Titans Return, toys

How does one go from being the Chosen Prime, and defeating Unicron, effectively ending the Great War to return to the role of simple Autobot Cavalier

I would actually love for Hot Rod to show up on Robots in Disguise (RiD 2015) using a mold like his Titans Return body. It would be interesting to see if in the Aligned Continuity if Hot Rod and Bumblebee know each other.

In other news. Judd Nelson is reprising his role as Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime for the second Prime War Trilogy, alongside Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime.

Considering getting the Toyhax sticker sheet for Hot Rod. Its awesome!

And here is another in-depth toy review from TFormers ENI.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"DARE" (Live) - The Cybertronic Spree

"The Cybertronic Spree perform "Dare" by Vince DiCola and Stan Bush to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Transformers: The Movie."

Sunday, July 16, 2017

"The Touch" - The Cybertronic Spree - Live in Studio

This is awesome!

The Cybertronic Spree celebrate their second anniversary with a studio recording of "The Touch" from the 1986 The Transformers: The Movie Soundtrack.

On the Matter of Doctor Who__I Don't Care?

Doctor Who, Tardis, BBC, Science Fiction, TV

In case you haven't heard already, The Doctor, is a woman now. I am either supposed to be overjoyed by this news, or outraged and snarling over it.

The truth is, I don't care. I'm mostly writing this post to break up posting about Transformers toys. But more to the point, I checked out of the Tardis a long time ago.


I got tired of waiting for the 'big reveal'. Yes really, with each new incarnation of the Doctor, the writing seemed to be premised on some giant revolutionary reveal about the nature of the Doctor, which has yet to, and never will be paid off.

It was all sorts of pretentious. 

Now that he, she... Whatever, is a Mary Sue, this will probably go no where, even faster. And I just can't be bothered with devoting time to watching the Time Lord anymore. Truth is, I haven't in awhile now and do not feel the loss.

But will this go over like the 'Female Thor'? Which is to say, horribly. I don't know. Doctor Who is different from Thor and the show lends itself better to its Social Justice crusade.

But in any case. Yawn...

Monday, July 10, 2017

Kneel Before Megatron!

Megatron, Transformers, The Last Knight, TLK
If there Iron Giant, were an Evil Galactic Warlord... The above is my current wallpaper.

Megatron, Transformers, The Last Knight, TLK
So, Megatron looks a bit satanic here. No really, he looks like Lucifer, which jives withe whole Knight-theme from the movie, now that I think about it.

I have no idea who the artist is on either of these, but they are cool!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Rendsora (KO TF5 TLK: Oversized Megatron)

Rendsora (KO TF5 TLK: Oversized Megatron), Megatron, Hasbro, Knockoff, KO, WeiJiang, Toys, Transformers
Seriously, lusting after this figure and am considering getting him, in place of and instead of the Hasbro Voyager version. You can see a detailed review of Rendsora, here.

I've been using a measuring tape to help me decide on this. Looks like he might be taller then some of my Voyagers, but not too tall. Wait, isn't Megatron supposed to be huge? At least Transformers: Prime, Megatron was. He towered over Arcee, and even could grip her in one of his hands and she looked tiny by comparison. Of course, she was a motorcycle.

Gladiator from the pits of Kaon... That's a bit terrifying and I remember when I first saw the episode, I was like WOW!

Orion_Pax_part_3_screenshot_Megatron_vs_Arcee, Gladiator from the pits of Kaon

I'm more concerned how he'll scale with my Optimus Prime figures. The measuring tape, doesn't make it seem Rendsora will be too huge beside some of them. I am not too into Leader size toys, I think they can look really, overblown and their details suffer, or their size lends them to get stupid gimmicks.... Yet, everything seems sharp on Rendsora.

Its got a bunch of clickedy clacky ratchet joints, and an awesome paint job. They paint in the thrusters so its clear that's what they are.

His jet alt-mode reminds me of a Cobra Night Raven...

Rendsora, Alt-mode Jet, Cobra, Night Raven
And it looks like they borrowed a few paint applications from the Hasbro Leader Class figure.

Ironically, this might be easier to come by, then the second wave of TLK Voyagers. What's up with that Hasbro?

One probably shouldn't fixate on Scale, too much...

Transformers: Prime, scale chart. From here.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers Optimus Prime Last Knight, Optimus Prime, Movies, Hasbro, Michael Bay
Eh, critics hating on a Transformers, live-action movie, is neither unexpected, or without tradition... They didn't care that much for the G1 Transformers Movie either.

For that matter, I can't recall any Michael Bay movie, ever being praised. So...

I enjoyed it. Were there things I'd do different? Sure. That being said, the film begins a realignment, bringing the Bayformer's just slightly closer to their G1 origins.

I know Mark Wahlberg, said this is his last Transformers movie, but I hope not, Cade Yeager, is one of my favorite Transformer, human-friends, and there is a setup for more story here with him and Vivian and Izabella.

Are there rectcons? Totally. Doesn't bug me in the least, since they seem to be doing them so as to create a wider universe, one moreover, closer to the Transformers roots, then when these movies began. Anyone who has spent time at TFWiki, should be well aware that the whole Transformers franchise is patchwork and discontinuity. That's just how fiction is. All fiction, even Babylon 5, is filled with minor, or major contradictions.

Anyhow. I enjoyed Transformers: The Last Knight. And am not dissuaded from liking it, because it causes some people discontent.

Wait until I post about my Transformers toy collection, and my views regarding different lines and continuities, that's sure to cause some fans, major heartache...


Friday, June 23, 2017

WeiJiang Deformation Era Cartoon Version: T-WARRIOR Commander (KO Oversized RiD Optimus Prime)

K O Version R I D Optimus Prime, Chefatron, WeiJiang, Transformers

This toy, can be found under different names, depending on where you get it. One place even calls him, Samurai Series Commander.

First, the screengrab is from Chefatron's review. Go watch it! And also check out The Matrix Reviewer's vid of the toy. There are very few English reviews of this KO Optimus Prime, to be found.

Anyhow, I just bought this figure, in my quest for a more 'regular' Optimus Prime, to go into my Transformers collection. I generally like the Anime style of the robot design, still wish he was only cab and not a cab-trailer hybrid, I think keeping him only a cab would have fixed a few scale issues, regardless.

And I've been considering picking up a Transformers: Prime, Voyager Prime, as I've noticed a few cheap on eBay. But we'll see...

Yeah. Its going to take a month for this thing to get into my hands, from China. Though I did get a good deal on it price wise. 10.68 USD and free shipping, so there's that.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight - Zhang Jie (Jason Zhang) X Ambassadors: Torches

This actually works as thematic music for this installment of the Transformers movies. Now I wouldn't have minded more Imagine Dragons, giving us a new song like "Battle Cry" but I also like this. You can say a lot (of bad things... ?) about these movies, but Transformers films, usually have pretty good music, as far as that goes.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Favorite, Transformer

The Last Knight HOUND, Transformers, Hound, The Last Knight, Toys, John Goodman

Spike Witwicky's original Transformers, best buddy was supposed to be the military jeep Hound, and Not Bumblebee, that's not however the way things ended up playing out in G1 era Transformers, and Hound ended up doing other things, besides babysitting the human.

But Hound was the first Transformer my Mother ever bought me, I loved it! All those rubber tires and diecast parts! Ironically, I do not currently have an incarnation of Hound in plastic. Though I am planning on fixing that real soon.

Yes, the movie version of Hound is a little bit, Bulkhead, though I still rather like him, and its helpful he's voiced by John Goodman.

Debating exactly what figure to get.

There's a Classics (Generations) version, which is close to his G1 self out there, though hard to get and often expensive, though it can be done on eBay. I've been drooling over that figure for awhile now. And of course there is Combiner Wars Hound, which is a good mold and I like overall, but surprisingly harder to come by then the Generations mold... However, looking at pictures and some pre-review videos, The Last Knight Hound mold is working for me on some level, and might be easier to get... 

Mercedes Unimog tactical vehicle, Hound, Transformers, The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight

I like the compactness of it, and the color green. Stout, yet muscular! 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Kitten: Tia Kai

Tia Kai, Cat Ears, Meow, Asian Girl

Tia Kai, Asian Girl, Boobs

Tia Kai, Red Dress, Asian Girl

Tia Kai, Cat, Pussy, Asian Girl

Tia Kai, Legs, Stockings, Feet, Toes, Asian Girl

Tia Kai, Ass, Boobs, Feet, Asian Girl, Toes

Tia Kai, Boobs, Landingstrip

Tia Kai, Cat, Pussy, Asian Girl

Tia Kai, Cat, Pussy, Asian Girl

Tia Kai, Feet, Toes, Shoes, Asian Girl

Tia Kai, is your Friday Kitten.

According to Tia, she loves"I love junk food, playing video games & getting naked... " Works for me!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wonder Woman, is Unassailable!

wonder_woman-movie-2017-kneeling-(13811), Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, DC Comics

So much could have gone wrong with this movie, in our current social justice PC driven environment, but luckily for us and DC Comics/Warner Brothers, it did not.

This is feminism, as it should be, and not the cartoon variety, currently being lauded by pussy hats and stupid crybaby marches...


Everything about this movie is good. Diana Prince, and Steve Trevor aka Gal Gadot, and Chris Pine have a great chemistry. Superbabe Diana, is both a warrior, and the  apex of feminine beauty as she goes forth from her island paradise, to confront the horrors (and wonders) of man's world.

Before I go on, I should say, Wonder Woman, since I was a young boy, embodied for me the 'Ideal Woman' strong, confidant and yet eternally female. Her origin had a lot of influence upon my own Morningstars.

OK. Now back to the film. I cannot gush enough, every frame was a treat. This actually had a lot in common with Man of Steel, though I doubt some will see it since they are blinded by a strong anti-DC Comics bias. Diana and Clarke were in effect both presented the same choice and both had to deal with the same sort of overwhelming force that threatened mankind.

By the way, I like how the movie correctly used the term 'Man' to be mean humanity. (I'm looking at you, modern Star Trek... )

It let both Diana, and Steve be heroes, and did not foolishly kowtow to the the stupid 'Grrrl Power!' meme, we're lucky Joss Whedon had nothing to do with this movie...

Wonder Woman, was a strong, independent empowered female, but not at the cost of emasculating Steve Trevor.  That's how its supposed to be done!

All I can really say is. I want more Wonder Woman!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wonder Woman - Tina Guo

Tina Guo, and her Electric Cello perform the awesome Hans Zimmer, Wonder Woman theme. I love it, this music is really primal.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery - First Look Trailer


I have a bad feeling about this. Before I go further, I never once complained about any new incarnation of Star Trek, even as the fan base, routinely exploded anytime something new came along, I tended to take a, lets wait until we see the thing, first before we condemn it approach.

Not this time.

Though it looks visually interesting, however the Discovery herself externally is annoying, as most Federation ships tend to be in their design... Everything else, the uniforms and sets look nice to me. I actually like that bridge layout.

And yet. I can't get past the nagging feeling, this is going to become one tedious Social Justice lecture, after another.

Could be wrong. But I don't think I will be.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Comet TV!

Comet TV, Roku,  Cord Cutting, Syfy, Science Fiction, Syfy, Movies, Cheesy Movies, TV


Comet TV, well actually, its just called Comet - Is what the Syfy Channel used to be when it first was created.That is a channel offering all sorts of old Scifi, with the cheese tuned to 11! I was searching on the Roku app for more free television channels and came across it and added the channel, and I am glad I did!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Samurai Jack (Season 5)

Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack's final season is turning out to be very good. Was it always this bloody? Not a complaint, who am I to complain about violent fiction? I say bring it on! The more raw, the better. Though, I think I already figured out how the series is going to end.

Jack, and Ashi will defeat Aku, and settle down and have a big happy family. Me. I'm OK with that, and in fact prefer something of a happy ending. Fiction does not always need to be tragic, nor should it be. Seriously, things don't always need to end like that and going for the hip ending where everyone, including the hero loses is just, Meh...

So, give me my happy ending!

Jack and Ashi find love!

Monday, May 8, 2017

BLADE RUNNER 2049 - Official Trailer

There are still pages left in this story. Watch the NEW trailer for #BladeRunner2049, in theaters October 6. -- Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into chaos. K’s discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former LAPD blade runner who has been missing for 30 years. From executive producer Ridley Scott and director Denis Villeneuve, #BladeRunner2049 stars Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana De Armas, MacKenzie Davis, Sylvia Hoeks, Lennie James, Carla Juri, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista and Jared Leto.
K, is more than likely a Replicant.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

WONDER WOMAN – Rise of the Warrior [Official Final Trailer]

I really like this trailer! That it uses one of my favorite songs, only makes it that much better! Can't wait for this movie.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Gigi's Visit

Nightgown, Nightie, Blonde, Spanking, Caning

A few months ago my American niece Gisela, my sister's daughter came to spend time with me in South Africa. Gisela is a pretty young girl: Curly blonde hair that reaches down her back almost to her bottom. Green clear eyes and full pink lips along with a tiny freckle beneath her left eye complete her lovely face. At twenty-one Gigi is like most girls her age she likes to spend time partying with her friends. One day last week Gigi went out to a party and missed her One 'Clock curfew.

I spent the entire night driving Johannesburg to find her and when I did she was in quite a state. Gigi was very drunk and at the very moment I pulled up one of the clubs I found her "necking" a guy who had to be at least twice her age.

Without saying a word I dragged her into the car. We spent most of the ride home in silence until Gigi said: "I'm sorry uncle, I didn't mean to make you angry with me."

I told her that I was very worried about her and that if her mother or father had seen her like this they'd kill both of us. She agreed and I heard her mumble something that she was glad that she wasn't back home in Texas because her father would have paddled her butt.

Once we got home Gigi went straight off to bed. A few hours later though she crept into my room finding that I was still awake. I asked if there was a problem? She said: "I feel bad about making you upset with me.”

There was a clear frown on her face.

"I really think that I need for you to punish me."

At this I asked her what she meant, though as you can guess by this time I had a good idea of what she was referring to. It was best to make her ask.

“Back home daddy would make me bare my butt for twelve swats with the board." She bit her lip. "I think I need a spanking uncle."

This didn't seem a bad idea at all. Gigi had me a wreck earlier and to be honest the idea of giving her seat a sound thrashing sounded like it might serve us both well.

I told her that I agreed perhaps a spanking was in order at the moment exactly how I intended to deliver her blistering was churning in the back of my brain.

"Lets get it over with then." She said standing and pulling out a chair. I noticed that she starting to tug up her pale silver nightgown showing a hint of her blue thong.

Not tonight I told her. It was very late, almost three. Besides if I were to thrash Gisela it would need to be something that left an impression on this headstrong young women.

I told her tomorrow evening before she went to sleep I would punish her. She would have to stay home for the day and when it was time for me to discipline her she would need to do exactly as she was told or her punishment would not count.

Agreeing Gigi went back to her room for the night.

At eight, after we finished watching a game show I told Gigi to go up stair and ready herself for bed. This I knew involved her slipping into one of her body hugging silk nightgowns which would make it easy for me to bare her butt for her spanking. What I had in mind was a little more than a few swats though.

Gigi did as she was told and went up to her room to get ready. As she walked up the stairs I could see that she had a fearful look on her face not knowing what to expect on her return.

About three minutes later Gigi came downstairs dressed in a gold nightgown and barefoot. Her green eyes opened wide and her quivering little pink lips parted in shock when she fully comprehended what I intended to do to her.

"Uncle" she pleaded. "Please not a cane… It'll hurt so much." Tears had started to come down her face in anguish.

I told her that she agreed to do as I told her. Bending the yard long straight piece of rattan in my hands to make it clear I meant business. The cane was from the colonial period and used to discipline soldiers. Its handle was bound with leather.

The cut of the cane in the air made a most satisfying swish! As I explained the rules of her punishment Gigi.

For Gisela's caning she would be allowed to take the first six cuts over her panties but for the rest she would take them on the bare bottom. To this Gigi nodded frowning the whole time and shifting her five-eight stature from one bare foot to the other. Also she would need to remain on her tiptoes during her caning or the cut would not count. I knew that Gigi was a ballerina and had sufficient balance, also my intent was not to allow her to put on a "stiff upper lip" during her punishment.

In the center of the TV room I had placed a stool and I ordered Gigi to go over to it and lean on her elbows on the padded seat. She did as I commanded bending and pulling up the hem of her nightgown as she did so.

Underneath her golden silk nightgown Gigi wore pink translucent panties that clearly showed the space between her tow tight ass cheeks. I heard her sigh regretfully as she lifted herself up onto her toes thus placing her butt into an ideal position for her caning.

Luckily Gigi had barretted back her hair so that her blonde curls didn't fall into her face as she bent over the stool. She had tightly shut her eyes and I told her to keep them open. It was time to begin the first of her twenty-four cuts.

Bringing the rattan down just fullest curve of her ass I heard Gigi moan. A clear welt formed under he diaphanous underwear. She kept her footing though she rocked a bit.

The next stroke fell with a hard crack and Gigi screamed fighting to keep her position over the stool. She didn't wish to earn more cuts for touching her butt. Falling off her tiptoes would mean we would start her punishment again no matter what number we were at.

Stroke three landed where her thighs and butt joined, number four I gave her without a pause and this produced another high pitched yelp.

Five I landed on her right thigh and she moaned this nearly caused her to rest back on feet. I warned her if she got off her tiptoes we'd start all over. She pleaded with me but I told her this was the condition of her punishment.

Finally we had reached number six. The stripes from her caning could be made out clearly under her panties. In a moment she would be without their slight protection.

Number six cut through the air and landed just on her left ass cheek this brought a holler and her hands left the seat of the stool. Some how Gigi managed to keep on her toes and not touch her butt.

I reminded her that now she would have to remove her panties.

Reaching into the waistband she began to draw the pink clingy fabric over the six raised welts. I was very impressed that she managed to remove them without getting off her toes.

Very painfully she flung her panties, away from her on the end of her foot then repositioned herself over the stool.

The next six brought more screeching and at one point Gigi reached back to rub one of the purplish welts. She earned three extra to the twenty-four of her caning.

Coming to the final six I intended to bring her to her breaking point and landed them in succession. Each time the cane cracked across her bared flesh she winced and cried begging me to stop. The very final cut I made sure to land it under the panty line but she Gigi had been reduced to utter sobbing. Again she made a great effort not to let herself fall off her tiptoes though her legs wobbled and she was clearly in a great deal of pain.

So Gigi's caning had ended. I sent her up to her room to go to sleep though I was sure that she would not sleep very well tonight on her bruised ass. It was almost nine and I decided to go to bed as well.

The next day at breakfast Gigi came down stairs still in pain. She sat herself gingerly in her chair and nibbled at her eggs.

I asked if she was okay and she told me that she was. Gigi also said that though it hurt she'd never forget her thrashing and hoped that if she needed to be caned again that I would see that she got the cuts she deserved.

For that visit Gigi didn't need to feel the rattan though she did get it a few more times the next year of her stay with me.

My sister and her husband told me that they wanted me to secure them a rattan for use with Gigi and her little sister back in Texas.

Roadrunner Books

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Transformers - Combiner Wars: The Movie

This has a bunch of flaws, but the interaction between Optimus Prime, and Megatron isn't one of them. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that aspect of Transformers.

Oh, and Megatron's Super-Gun mode! He got many of the better lines in this.

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Naughty Girl #4

| On Amazon | Retailer Links

Naughty Girl #4, Spanking, Caning, Knickers, Panties, Asian girls, British Girls, Stockings, Feet, Shoes, English Spanking, Firmhand, RealSpankings, Spanking Punishment, Assume the Position Studios, aka ATP, Bun Beating Fun, Chinese Spanking, Dallas Spanks Hard, Diseno Media HPS (Pain4fem), Girls Boarding School, Sarah Gregory Spanking, The Lazy Maid, Northern Spanking, Punished Brats, Wellspanked, Xerotics, Spanking Story, Spanking Stories, Pandora Blake, Ten Amorette, Maisie Dee, Clare Fonda, Sarah Gregory, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Samantha Grace, Kailee   Robinson, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Amber Pixie Wells, Sierra Salem, Elizabeth Simpson, Abigail Whittaker, Samantha Woodley, Leia-  Ann Woods, Rosaleen Young

Naughty girls, will never learn! And the only way to deal with a misbehaved young woman, is by giving her a reddened bottom. This collection of stories, is not romance, so be forewarned. Its focus is strictly on naughty girls getting their bared rumps, properly roasted.

Table of Contents

The Singaporean, Girl

Part 1. New Neighbors

Part 2. Overheard…

Part 3. Bad Girl, Bo

Epilogue: Laundry Room Blues

Billy Goats Gruff

Night Out

Caning A British Bird

Also By...

About The Author

The Singaporean, Girl 

Part 1. New Neighbors

[Bo Yang, 22]

The occupants of 7C moved in over the weekend, Saturday, twelve noon, on the dot. “Old Man” Calvin Summers, long time resident of Redwood Apartments, just arrived back home from sharing a round of drinks at his local VFW Hall with his buddies, met one of his new neighbors. “Here, let me help you with that, young lady.” Calvin said, and caught hold of the box that the pretty girl nearly dropped in her try to push open the apartment door, while balancing the unwieldy box.

The girl, Asian and undeniably gorgeous! Any man, in particular, an oldster like Calvin, couldn't help but stop and take a good gander. Her long black hair fell straight down her back. She wore jeans, and a T-shirt, that hugged perky breasts. Never mind, her cheerful smile. That alone would have gotten Calvin's attention.

“Thank you,” said the girl in faintly accented English.

“Hello,” said Calvin. “I'm Calvin Summers, looks as if we share a wall.”

Again, the girl grinned. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Summers --”

“Calvin's OK, sweetheart.” Calvin insisted. “Or, well most people around here call me 'Old Man'. Don't know why exactly, there are older guys besides me, living in Redwood. Guess, I'm like everyone's grand pappy. But please, stick with Calvin.”

The girl didn't seem at ease, addressing Calvin, as anything but 'Mr.', however she introduced herself. “Hello.” Offered her hand. “I'm, Bo Yang…” In the next room, a voice called out in Chinese. “And that's my Mom. She's not so good at English. We're working on it.” Bo promised. “We just came to the USA, from Singapore.”

Mrs. Yang appeared from out a bedroom, and spoke to her daughter in a rush of Chinese, Calvin couldn't hope to understand, or keep up with. Bo made a few gestures, and explained Calvin was a neighbor, who'd assisted her with a box that she almost dropped. This seemed to satisfy Mrs. Yang, who warmly greeted Calvin, the best she could, without being able to thank him in English.

“Mom, says, 'Thanks, for helping my clumsy daughter'.” Bo offered for Calvin's sake, and tried not to roll her big brown eyes.

Having nothing more interesting to do, and honestly not really wanting to part company with the beautiful young woman, Calvin offered and stayed to lug more boxes up from Bo's beat up, old powder blue Volkswagen van.

During a break between hefting boxes, Mrs. Yang made everyone tea.

Mrs. Yang, hadn't been teasing, exactly, when she called Bo, 'Clumsy'. On at least three occasions, the girl blundered over a box she'd haphazardly stacked. The third time, the contents spilled out onto an already cluttered floor.

One of the objects in the moving box, a three-foot, thick, crook handled piece of rattan. Bo quickly glanced to see if Mr. Summers noticed, he hadn't seemed to. She scooped up the cane, along with a handful of her clothing, coats, mostly and shoved it all into her not yet arranged bedroom before anyone could see.

Tuesday evening, following the Yang's move, Calvin brought a basket of his laundry to the communal laundromat, where he ran into, folding, and doing she and Mrs. Yang's clothing, Bo, in the midst of sorting varied color, lacy underwear.

“Mr. Summers!” Bo greeted, sounding her typical buoyant self. “How was your day?” Without asking, took his basket and selected a machine, as if it were something she'd always done and tossed his laundry in, using her own soap, placed quarters in and started the washing cycle. “Mom's glad to have had your help, move us in.” Bo explained. “We've nearly everything unboxed already.” Singsong-like. “Can you believe it?”

Calvin couldn't get a word in. Instead, he enjoyed listening to Bo talk. He'd noticed the girl to be more hushed around her mother. Otherwise, Bo tended to chatter on nonstop. Which didn't bother him in the least. Bo had a very pleasant, soothing feminine voice.

“Got a date?” Calvin wondered, when he bumped into Bo as he returned home, leaving her apartment dressed in a formfitting dress, which accentuated all Bo's womanly bits. Bo, being somewhat tiny, however thanks to chunky shoes, gained a few inches. Calvin praised. “You're very pretty, tonight.” Who was he kidding? Bo'd be pretty wearing anything. Often, she did wear casual clothes and always came off as stunning. “You'll make him melt!”

Bo, who appeared as if she'd recently been crying, said. “No Mr. Summers.” Managed a bright smile. “I'm going to work.”

“Where's that?”

“The Blue Moon Bistro.” Bo said. “I'm a hostess.”

“Must have just started, I take it?

“Second week.” Bo said demurely.

“Bo?” Calvin couldn't shake the sense, Bo was upset. “Everything, alright?”

“Fine Mr. Summers.” Bo, timidly bit her lower lip. “Mom and I just had an argument. Nothing important.” Glancing at her phone, in that gorgeous singsong voice, exclaimed. “Got to go, bye! See you later!”


Naughty Girl #3

| On Amazon | Retailer Links

Naughty Girl #3, Spanking, Caning, Bdsm, Stockings, Jeans, Stockings, Feet, Shoes, English Spanking, Firmhand, RealSpankings, Spanking Punishment, Assume the Position Studios, aka ATP, Bun Beating Fun, Chinese Spanking, Dallas Spanks Hard, Diseno Media HPS (Pain4fem), Girls Boarding School, Sarah Gregory Spanking, The Lazy Maid, Northern Spanking, Punished Brats, Wellspanked, Xerotics, Spanking Story, Spanking Stories, Pandora Blake, Ten Amorette, Maisie Dee, Clare Fonda, Sarah Gregory, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Samantha Grace, Kailee   Robinson, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Amber Pixie Wells, Sierra Salem, Elizabeth Simpson, Abigail Whittaker, Samantha Woodley, Leia-  Ann Woods, Rosaleen Young

Naughty girls, sometimes know they need a royal good spanking! This collection of stories, be warned, isn’t romance. Its all about misbehaved young women, having their panties removed so they can receive severe, very well-deserved wallopings administered onto curvaceous bared posteriors, either by cane, slipper, or heavy leather tawse.

Table of Contents

Blue Knickers

Part 1. Dance The Night Away

Part 2. Car Trouble

Part 3. Peel'm Off

House Rules

The Bengali Girl

Three Little Birds

Also By...

About The Author

Blue Knickers

Part 1. Dance The Night Away

[Alicia Buckingham, Age: 19]

The mobile thrummed away in her purse, yet Alicia ignored it, being that she was much too busy chatting up a delicious stud of a guy. Little did she notice it had already gotten to be fifteen minutes past her eleven o’clock weekday curfew.

Instead the brunette, her full breasts taut, buxom beneath a snug, black long sleeved top, cut in such a way as to reveal just the correct amount of cleavage, pushed against the boy, who cupped one of her nicely contoured, denim concealed buttocks.

Alicia whispered into the boys ear, and walked with him, hand-in-hand onto the dance floor, her spike heeled boots, clacked with each stride of her long legs. Naughtily, Alicia was quite conscious of the fact that her powder blue knickers waistband peeped out from under the fitted jeans while she writhed on the dance floor to the pounding music's steady beat. Her guy even gave the elastic a teasing snap.

The song came to an end, and Alicia moved back toward the table, where she could no longer disregard the sound of her shrill, ringing mobile phone, which almost caused her small purse to pulsate off the tabletop. Seeing the digits, Alicia gasped, and quickly took the call. “Mum...” The response from her irate mother made it rather clear to Alicia she was in trouble. “Yes I'm sorry I'm late.” Lateness however wasn't Alicia's mum's only concern. “Oh my God!” Said Alicia after her mum explained why she’d been calling all night. “I completely forgot. Mrs., and Mr. Ashdown aren't too upset are they?” Like that matted, given her mum seemed downright outraged, a fact which would end up costing Alicia a great deal of soreness.

Alicia gazed around the club, bit her lower lip, anxious, when she noticed everyone had begun to listen in on the discussion, as her mum frothed at her from over the phone. “I'm sorry --” She pleaded, almost tearing up. “OK Mum, I'll be home! No come on...” Implored the distraught girl. “Please don't do that...” Alicia flushed, the delicious guy who only moments before she had been rubbing against on the dance floor overheard a good amount of what her mother planned for her at home. “Alright – I know.” Stomping her heeled boot she said. “Whatever, I was going to get caned for being late anyhow.” And with that she hung up, grabbed her stuff to leave the club. Things were already bad enough, no sense being even more late for her engagement with the cane.

Part 2. Car Trouble

Alicia slammed her fist down on the steering wheel, huffed, let out a low whimper as she pulled the sputtering blue Vauxhall Astra off the road. “Bloody hell!” She screamed. Outside rain cascaded off the Astra's windshield, which served only to add more to her dreary mood.

Of course, right at that moment, her mobile went off. “FUCK!”



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Friday Kitten: Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me)

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me), Cosplay, Asian Girl

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me), Cosplay, Asian Girl

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me), Cosplay, Asian Girl

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me)

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me), Cosplay, Asian Girl

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me), Asian Girl, Stockings, Ass

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me)

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me)

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me)

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me)
Your Friday Kitten is, cosplayer, model, and gamer girl, Linda Le aka Vampy Bit Me! Been following her for years. First on Facebook, and now on Instagram.

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