Friday, December 9, 2016

Why No Nerf Blaster Movie?

Nerf Retaliator Sonic Ice Series

There are GI: Joe movies, Transformers movies, and yet Hasbro hasn't thought to produce a film based on one of its most popular products, that spans age ranges?

Maybe Nerf blasters sell themselves and don't require the added layer of fiction to push product like Transformers and GI: Joe?

I find this an uptapped resource. Surely, some interesting fiction can be created using either existing lines - Zombie Strike seems obvious, though a slightly more militaristic - Tacti-cool approach could be taken with the modern Elite line, regarding a story line involving both the blasters and the darts they use. And if not any existing line, some movie specific blasters would be in order, as surely they'd take a Scifi/Action approach to such a thing, were Hasbro ever to go there and make a movie based on Nerf.

I'm just shocked there hasn't yet been such a thing.

Someone in Hasbro's marketing department must have broached the idea? Right?

Don't misread me. This isn't intended as sarcasm, or irony. I am really wondering why Hasbro hasn't done this yet, and genuinely would be interested in the result, were it done well.

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