Friday, December 9, 2016

The Media, Doth Protest too Much

The Media, is going to seriously regret latching onto this whole 'Fake News' meme. They keep chugging along, doing the same thing, and never learn.

You know what sounds like a Talking Point? The phrase 'Fake News'.

It exudes Talking Point, as if it were cooked up to advance an agenda and I can assure you, its having the exact inverse effect it was created to avoid. That is, anytime it gets plastered onto a news story, significant numbers of people are going to become more interested in that story, and just assume there's more to it, or they are being lied to.

How do I know this?

Honestly, this is my reaction, and I am willing to bet there are countless more like me, who hear this phrase, 'Fake News' and ask themselves, what is being hidden from them?

Its a terrible ploy. But on the other hand, I'm glad The Media has gone full on stupid and hardly tries to hide its partisanship. Makes things easier, for when I remind people, The Media hates you, and lies to you.

I'll put it another way. The Media doth protest, too much and is overplaying its hand, yet again.

Addendum: When you have Stephen Colbert, decrying a supposed 'Fake News' story, The Media (Of which I am sure, Colbert thinks of himself apart) we've archived epic levels of stupid and unawareness. No really, a 'Daily Show' alumni screeching over 'Fake News' is the height of irony, and deserves mockery. Of course, a whole generation has been ruined by getting their "news" and world view via the genuinely Fake News show, The Daily Show...

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