Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series

Nerf, Blaster, Nerf Gun

From what I am hearing, though the new Nerf AccuStrike line looks cool, and yes, the darts are more accurate, the blasters themselves are just 'Meh' when it comes to performance and are actually under performing, when it comes to range and impact.

That's an awesome shell, aside from the fact its a breach loader, single-shot pistol. But if its not going to shoot hard, no matter the cosmetics, I might as well stick to my trusted FireStrike.

I get they want to push these new (expensive) darts, though you can get really good Koosh darts for cheap on Ebay, that work just as good.

I like that rubberized grip, and want to see it on more, better performing blasters! Please Hasbro, use these sorts of grips from now on - retrofit them onto older blaster molds!

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