Friday, December 2, 2016

My Nerf Arsenal, So Far

Nerf, Nerf Blaster, Nerf Gun, Firestrike

Hammer, Zombie Strike, One handed, Blaster

Nerf, Strongarm, Workhorse

Nite Finder, Nerf

Recon MK II, Nerf, Recon, Blaster

Nerf, Star Wars, Rampage, Blaster

Nerf Blaster, Arsenal, Collection

These are all the blasters I own so far. I didn't take a pictures of the First Order Deluxe Storm Trooper Blaster, which I really like. Too bad they only made one version, and cut the power down to Australian Nerf level power. Other then that, the Storm Trooper blaster feels really good to hold onto and for me is just the right size.

The Hammershot, is one of my favorites. Its a well made blaster, and distinctly doesn't feel like a toy. As I said in my other post, I'm very keen on the Recon MK II, thinking of getting a front handle for the rail under the barrel extension. 

There's just something very emotionally gratifying, about pulling a trigger on a Nerf springer.

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