Thursday, December 29, 2016

Abuse of the Term 'Hack'...

First, neither the DNC (or RNC) are government entities, but private organizations. I know that might be a surprise, but they are not extensions of the Federal Government. The lying Media (along with the traitorous government...) are abusing the term 'hack' when they are talking about the Podesta Emails, and want you to think something happened, that didn't.

To put a sharp point on it. Both the Media and Obama Administration, are engaging in Fake News when they maliciously assert Russia 'hacked' the election. A phrase filled with so much ambiguity, it should be dismissed.

Anyhow, when the phrase, 'The Russian hacked the Election' is being thrown around, its entire point is to make you think Russia hacked voting machines, or ballots.

There's no evidence of this, and when Media reports, expand on it, its clear they mean John Podesta's emails, but the way the Media conflate events in their 'reports' you are meant to think Russia programmed voting machines to favor President-elect Donald J. Trump.

This did not happen.

How do I know that? Easy. Julian Assange, who would know what his sources are regarding the Podesta Emails, outright says the Russians had ZERO involvement.

Bottom line however, is the content of the emails, not the source.

For a more in-depth discourse on this topic I am going to direct you to The Last Refuge:


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