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Transformers - Generations Voyager Springer

"I've got better things to do tonight, then die."
-- Springer, Transformers: The Movie
Transformers - Generations Voyager Springer, has been a holy grail figure for me. Ever since I laid eyes on it in a review on Youtube, I knew I had to find him.

At last I did, and relatively cheap, even. Not an easy achievement on the Transformers, secondary market to be sure. He's a good solid figure. Nice paint apps and just captures the character very well in my opinion.

You should watch Emgo's review. If you do, stay until the end for a treat!

Friday Kitten: Brittani Paige

Miss Brittani Paige, is your Friday Kitten.

Brittani, is obviously a model. A very cute model at that.

Abuse of the Term 'Hack'...

First, neither the DNC (or RNC) are government entities, but private organizations. I know that might be a surprise, but they are not extensions of the Federal Government. The lying Media (along with the traitorous government...) are abusing the term 'hack' when they are talking about the Podesta Emails, and want you to think something happened, that didn't.

To put a sharp point on it. Both the Media and Obama Administration, are engaging in Fake News when they maliciously assert Russia 'hacked' the election. A phrase filled with so much ambiguity, it should be dismissed.

Anyhow, when the phrase, 'The Russian hacked the Election' is being thrown around, its entire point is to make you think Russia hacked voting machines, or ballots.

There's no evidence of this, and when Media reports, expand on it, its clear they mean John Podesta's emails, but the way the Media conflate events in their 'reports' you are meant to think Russia programmed voti…

Blade Runner 2049 Official Teaser Trailer #1

This looks intriguing! Will this answer the question, is Rick Deckard, a Replicant? From what little they showed, they sure recaptured the feel and look of the original movie. Hopefully the story will prove interesting.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

To my surprise, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is not only very good, and entertaining, it is completely absent any of the social engineering, lectures, its director and writer couldn't help but engage in on Twitter.
That's a good thing, because, its a very good, if somewhat depressing movie, and does a great deal to ground Star Wars
The Empire, is really scary here, people die. The Death Star, is a threat, even when its being used like a scalpel and not a sledgehammer - Which makes it more threatening.
In many ways, this is a far better film then The Force Awakens.
One of the most unsettling aspects is the use of Peter Cushing's Grand Moff Tarkin. Disney, and Lucas Films, are making actors incidental. I got creeped out whenever Tarkin, appeared on screen and began speaking. 
A very good bridge to A New Hope.

Friday Kitten: Cheetara

See what I did there? 
Cheetara, from the 2011 ThunderCats reboot, is your Friday Kitten!
I miss this series, it really needed a proper ending. I debated this post, for a number of reasons. Could I choose a fictional girl? Should I include fan art? If I did include fan art, could I show some of the riskier pics?
Decided, sure, and selected two of the better, less porn-y images of Cheetara that are floating around the internet.

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series

From what I am hearing, though the new Nerf AccuStrike line looks cool, and yes, the darts are more accurate, the blasters themselves are just 'Meh' when it comes to performance and are actually under performing, when it comes to range and impact.

That's an awesome shell, aside from the fact its a breach loader, single-shot pistol. But if its not going to shoot hard, no matter the cosmetics, I might as well stick to my trusted FireStrike.

I get they want to push these new (expensive) darts, though you can get really good Koosh darts for cheap on Ebay, that work just as good.

I like that rubberized grip, and want to see it on more, better performing blasters! Please Hasbro, use these sorts of grips from now on - retrofit them onto older blaster molds!

Donald Trump Gets Formal Intelligence Briefing Three Times a Week

Donald Trump Gets Formal Intelligence Briefing Three Times a Week

“I get it when I need it,” Trump stated. “I’m, like, a smart person…I don’t have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years.”
Our government, wastes a lot of time, doing inefficient things, when it could be spent doing those same things in a more economic manner and with greater payoff. Which is pretty much what the President-elect's meaning is here. Not that the lying Media didn't make an effort to distort, and once again misrepresent what he said, and why he said it.
Seriously, those are the words of a businessmen, who views his time as valuable.



No. You Don't See Russia From Your House

The game of the Global-Elites (Who are of both Right, and Left) has revealed itself. The intent is to undermine (or much worse...) President Donald J. Trump's government, by spreading propaganda that his lawful and fair election, was not lawful. As an added bonus, they seek to instigate a conflict between the United States, and Russian Federation. To what end? I am not sure. But I do know it will end badly for everyone, on both sides.

Ask yourself this: Would we be hearing about so-called, Russian 'hacking', had Hillary Clinton been elected? Doubtful. Yes they sowed the seeds for this ploy during the campaign, but walked it back when they were certain Hillary was going to win. Turns out the Elites bought into their own propaganda, were dramatically wrong in their calculations.

Six weeks before Inauguration Day, they've begun to ramp up this fake Russian hacking meme, making assertions, but never providing proof. They need to get it out there before Donald J. Trump leg…

Friday Kitten: Margot

The only things I know about Margot, are she's gorgeous, and a Photodromm model. I wish I knew more. I also wish there were a larger variety of photos to be found.

The Media, Doth Protest too Much

The Media, is going to seriously regret latching onto this whole 'Fake News' meme. They keep chugging along, doing the same thing, and never learn.

You know what sounds like a Talking Point? The phrase 'Fake News'.

It exudes Talking Point, as if it were cooked up to advance an agenda and I can assure you, its having the exact inverse effect it was created to avoid. That is, anytime it gets plastered onto a news story, significant numbers of people are going to become more interested in that story, and just assume there's more to it, or they are being lied to.

How do I know this?

Honestly, this is my reaction, and I am willing to bet there are countless more like me, who hear this phrase, 'Fake News' and ask themselves, what is being hidden from them?

Its a terrible ploy. But on the other hand, I'm glad The Media has gone full on stupid and hardly tries to hide its partisanship. Makes things easier, for when I remind people, The Media hates you, and lies…

Why No Nerf Blaster Movie?

There are GI: Joe movies, Transformers movies, and yet Hasbro hasn't thought to produce a film based on one of its most popular products, that spans age ranges?
Maybe Nerf blasters sell themselves and don't require the added layer of fiction to push product like Transformers and GI: Joe?
I find this an uptapped resource. Surely, some interesting fiction can be created using either existing lines - Zombie Strike seems obvious, though a slightly more militaristic - Tacti-cool approach could be taken with the modern Elite line, regarding a story line involving both the blasters and the darts they use. And if not any existing line, some movie specific blasters would be in order, as surely they'd take a Scifi/Action approach to such a thing, were Hasbro ever to go there and make a movie based on Nerf.
I'm just shocked there hasn't yet been such a thing.
Someone in Hasbro's marketing department must have broached the idea? Right?
Don't misread me. This isn't…

TRANSFORMERS 5: The Last Knight - Trailer

Actually, this looks pretty good. But, I know 'Fans' are going to complain, because that's what they do. Was that giant metal hand, in outer space? What makes Optimus Prime, go all Nemesis Prime? No signs of King Arthur in this trailer.
However, there is a giant metal dragon. Is that Megatron?
And does Optimus DIE?

A Full Featured Forum, or Not?

I am considering updating the Nabble forum. 
Here is the link to the forum I created on Boardhost Its a full featured forum, easy to administrate and interact with, however in order for it to exist on this blog, I'd need to use a dreaded Iframe - An idea I'm not fond of, to be honest.
One might ask why I'd change from the embedded Nabble forum? Mainly, the ability to post certain subjects that I can't really do on Nabble, related to some of the subject matter of my books. But this is a trade off as well - The redirect offered by Nabble to this blog is helpful, as well as its ease of use.
Going to fiddle some more with the Boardhost forum, and see what it has to offer.

Edit: The Boardhost Forum, integrates shockingly well within the IFrame, both in PC and Mobile versions of the blog. And it looks a lot more like one expects a forum to look.

Madison's Birthday Spanking

Getting out of the shower, the curly haired brunette set out on her bed the clothes she'd chosen for her birthday party. A blue satin dress, that she knew would match her tan complexion. Time was running out, and her sister would soon pick her up, so they could go together to the party location.
Madison was greeted by her friends and her family. Her sister couldn't help herself, and brought along a few of her own, male friends, intent on 'setting her up'. That didn't really go over too well with Madison, who smiled nicely at the guys, but wouldn't give any of them the time of day, let alone a date. Her guy needed to be special. Not afraid to take her in hand, if need be.
After the cake and the gifts, the young damsel decided she'd take a walk in the garden and to her surprise, a stranger met her under an orange blossom tree. He had not been among the guests -- At least Madison didn't recall him there. She would have remembered. His striking predatory f…

Masters of the Universe (1987)

To save the universe, He-Man needs the help of two teenagers in this action-packed adventure.

Dolph Lundgren stars in this live-action film version of the popular television cartoon series (based on a collection of Mattel action figures). Lundgren is He-Man, a well-muscled super-hero, battling the evil Skeletor (Frank Langella) for control of the universe. Skeletor has designs on conquering the planet Eternia, a ravaged utopia ruled over by the Sorceress of Greyskull Castle (Christina Pickles). He-Man is summoned to stop Skeletor's plans. But when the wily dwarf Gwildor (Billy Barty) utilizes his Cosmic Key, He-Man and Skeletor finds themselves transported to California. There, a waitress named Julie (Courteney Cox) and her boyfriend Kevin (Robert Duncan Mitchell) come across the Cosmic Key and become embroiled in the intergalactic battle between He-Man and Skeletor.

Friday Kitten: Jenna Kaey

Does it surprise anyone I posted another Asian girl, as Friday Kitten?
Anyhow, Jenna Kaey is really cute. As you can see she's a model. I think she has a great smile, among other fantastic assists.
You can check out her Instagram and see more fabulous pictures!

My Nerf Arsenal, So Far

These are all the blasters I own so far. I didn't take a pictures of the First Order Deluxe Storm Trooper Blaster, which I really like. Too bad they only made one version, and cut the power down to Australian Nerf level power. Other then that, the Storm Trooper blaster feels really good to hold onto and for me is just the right size.
The Hammershot, is one of my favorites. Its a well made blaster, and distinctly doesn't feel like a toy. As I said in my other post, I'm very keen on the Recon MK II, thinking of getting a front handle for the rail under the barrel extension. 
There's just something very emotionally gratifying, about pulling a trigger on a Nerf springer.

Sharr and Nadia - SEX!

Sharr pumped out and in of his girlfriend's moist pussy. Groaned as he released an explosion of warm sticky ejaculate. Nadia writhed on the mattress: Moaned, breasts wobbled, auburn hair in disarray all over the pillows, lower half of her body lifted upward while she supported herself on elbows, palms flat on the bed. A posture that exposed her derriere and pussy, and afforded him ready entrance into her waiting slit.

Sharr held onto her legs and jackhammered. To his tremendous pleasure, Nadia proved to be very bendable, quite flexible, not to mention, particularly strong, able to maintain the awkward position with little effort, which let him deploy his complete focus to his thrusts. Pleased by the pop he heard as her pussy let go of his cock, Sharr pulled out, but kept his hold on Nadia's legs. This posture held her slit still upward and open. He gazed into her bright blue eyes, where he noticed a post-copulation afterglow. Tightened in a fist, Sharr still clutched Nadia&#…


The Imperial harem is lush with gorgeous women, gathered from across the globe. Each selected for their delectable beauty or refinement. Yet a bevy of beautiful females can sometimes be a handful, especially when a new arrival thinks herself beyond the rules. When that happens, the Shotar must discipline his naughty concubine.

Get this FREE as a proper ebook in the Bookstore!
Part 1. Songbirds

In his lifetime, the Shotar romanced numerous attractive women. First his Queen, the incomparable Nadia Korelia and later, Frederika. Yet, the girl who Sharr Khan came to call Kitana brought with her a youthful, rebellious sexuality, into a palace that discovered itself at the head of a growing superpower. As a sovereign nation, we Falcanians rose up to find our place. I think the Shotar's relationship with this young woman helped him transition over into his new role as leader of a people, suddenly on the world theater.

--- Shreik Trakan. The Fallen: A Biography Of The First Shotar

[Vorkrür …