Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Of Galvatron, and Nerf Blasters

Transformers, Robot, Nerf Blaster, HASBRO

Transformers, Robot, HASBRO

Nerf Blaster, Nerf Gun, Foam, HASBRO
Yesterday (The 28th) was my birthday. I got these two things from my friend. Been wanting the Nerf Recon Mark II for awhile now. Its super Tacti-cool!

Also, I'm a huge Galvatron fan! He's an awesome figure... Besides his head. Come on, Hasbro, how can you mess up that part? I don't even mind his... Weird 'Jet Mode'. Speaking of, I keep him on the shelf right beside my chromed out, Transformers: Prime - Megatron.  

Yes. Totally different lines, but I like the notion of having Megatron, and Galvatron commanding an army together. After all, they're not always the same being. Sometimes they're two different guys. The figures actually share some of the same traits.

But why does everything need to be a Headmaster? (Titan Master?) One of my least favorite Transformers gimmicks.

I'll talk more about the Recon MK II, later.


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