Friday, November 25, 2016

Behold The Power of This Fully Functional Blog!

Looks like I've restored Roadrunner Books to full working order. I remade the Bookstore, so whenever I publish a new book, it will automatically update, by using an RSS reader. An imperfect solution, but it works and reduces complications, while being easy to understand. (Google could be better with providing the RSS feeds for blogs...)

Also, while I was updating this blog, I realized I should probably create a more 'Personal' blog, where I am freer to talk about whatever I like. Lets face it, there are some subjects, even Science Fiction related topics that probably shouldn't be discussed under the banner of 'Roadrunner Books'.

Hence, my personal blog, known as Shaitanshammer Now unchained, I'll be able to talk about anything, from porn, to President Trump. Meanwhile, Roadrunner Books can focus on my writing (though, this is not a 'Writing blog') and make use of the nature of a blog for its indexing.

I may, or may not still utilize this space to talk about Transformers, and Nerf. We'll see how it goes.

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