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Of Galvatron, and Nerf Blasters

Transformers, Robot, Nerf Blaster, HASBRO

Transformers, Robot, HASBRO

Nerf Blaster, Nerf Gun, Foam, HASBRO
Yesterday (The 28th) was my birthday. I got these two things from my friend. Been wanting the Nerf Recon Mark II for awhile now. Its super Tacti-cool!

Also, I'm a huge Galvatron fan! He's an awesome figure... Besides his head. Come on, Hasbro, how can you mess up that part? I don't even mind his... Weird 'Jet Mode'. Speaking of, I keep him on the shelf right beside my chromed out, Transformers: Prime - Megatron.  

Yes. Totally different lines, but I like the notion of having Megatron, and Galvatron commanding an army together. After all, they're not always the same being. Sometimes they're two different guys. The figures actually share some of the same traits.

But why does everything need to be a Headmaster? (Titan Master?) One of my least favorite Transformers gimmicks.

I'll talk more about the Recon MK II, later.

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A Shadow, Brightly-Lit

Iblis Jinn falls from grace, yet his rebellion spurs plans that lay beyond his own understanding.

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Part One: Light-Bringer

Shaitan's expulsion from Heaven did not result from a singular act of dire evil. What we call evil, exists regardless of one fallen Vril General. For evil is implicit, a force of nature that transcends all created beings, who in their own way, must confront it. This includes Vril, Kri-Skar, and mankind alike. Its about choice. No, rather, an act of misplaced pride, intent to do good in his Father's likeness begot the highest archangel's rejection from Paradise. As they say, the route to damnation, is paved with noble aspirations.

--- Cauron Kreeve: The, 'For We Were Hewn From Rock...' Fragment.

[Araboth. Before Mankind, Or Time's Reckoning]

Long ago, there were two brother Vril. Chosen sons, highest of the high, beings of smokeless fire, offspring of that which we call Ehyeh asher ehyeh, or I Am That I Am. The numinous oscillation, the Prime Mover. These fiery twin brothers resided in Araboth, what humans call Seventh Heaven, a sphere faraway, and yet in-between.

Iblis Jinn, Light-Bringer proudly stood at his father's right-hand, his most trusted adviser and captain of the host of Araboth, entrusted with its defense. As Viceroy of Heaven he commanded the Watchtower, that faced outward, across the Seven Heavens, in constant vigilance and beheld a great lonely 'Verse, replete with stars, yet no sapience of which to speak.

The Vril were alone, singular amongst all creation.

Cherub, scholar, and Chief Keeper of the way, El-Shaddai Mikhail maintained vigil before The Hekhal. That great ark where inhabited The One, in solitude. It is said, that he even held the knowledge his Father's genuine name. There he taught his hidden noesis to his brother and sister Vril. He scribed letters of fire, and with these enigmas, embowered fantastic technology. Foremost, El-Shaddai sought out goodness.

“We walk alone,” said Iblis Jinn glumly. “Giants, occupying a desolate playground.” But what bothered the Viceroy's being even more.. “Our radiance guards nothing but vacuum. There are none to bathe in our splendor.”

“Above all else, Father alone must be honored.” El-Shaddai reminded his twin brother, who he could tell seethed with unrelenting passion, which craved liberation.

“Father created us alone, why?”

“We are but the first.” Assured El-Shaddai.

“And do you my brother, know these things from his own mouth?” Iblis Jinn experienced a pang of jealousy. Even though he was Viceroy of Heaven, alone, their father permitted only El-Shaddai, among all Vril to enter the Tabernacle of his throne.

“Time is infinite to our Father, and he has patience.” El-Shaddai counseled. “Everything is to be in its own, and appointed proper time.”

To his Watchtower, Iblis Jinn retreated. There he gazed outwards, hopeless, as he absorbed the empty cosmos which encircled him, filled with newborn stars and barren worlds. However the Viceroy's eyes soon fell upon an anomaly, a knot of space-time. “What is this? A planet, and on it life!” The Viceroy felt betrayed.

Opening Araboth's opalescent gates, Iblis Jinn journeyed far across the stars to this concealed world hidden in a knot of space-time. There, he discovered gumptious beasts, who called themselves Kri-Skar. Goat-like bipeds, mantled with thick woolly pelts and who were crowned with curled horns. In their own right, giants, who were also highly skilled, fabulous technologists. “Glorious!” Exclaimed Iblis Jinn as he realized his father had set to build a concealed armory, and that these Kri-Skar were meant to be his World Movers, whom were given the task to maintain Creation, while spreading life throughout all which they surveyed.

Befriending the Kri-Skar leader, Kelaineus Rax, Iblis Jinn co-opted the world movers for himself in his Father's name and set his own designs into motion. He came to learn that not only had his father fashioned these fauns, but another sort of being preceded both Vril and Kri-Skar. An Ur-intelligence, which not all too long ago roamed and laid the groundwork of this very Universe. It seemed however that these Ancient Ones recently discovered themselves literally being phased out, or re-purposed, by a 'Fickle Creator' as Iblis Jinn asserted, and thus would clear the road for more worthy creatures to rule over Creation.

Part Two: Vril Spark

On Thaitin, a planet that would one day be named Tannhäuser, Iblis Jinn established for himself a stronghold in an abandoned Ancient One city. Once secure there, surrounded by age old technology all for his own unbridled desires, Iblis Jinn flew back to Araboth, and there recruited a loyal faction from among his brother and sister Vril. Out of Araboth's vast vault, he took with him The Cube, a tesseract, which contained the very seed of all Vril life.

Also, from his Father's personal vault, just because he knew it meant so very much to him, even if he did not understand its complete value, Iblis Jinn thieved the Ramahite Crystal. A seed from a long since deceased planet.

Back to Thaitin, Iblis Jinn fled and promised his courageous soldiers: “A new beginning. No my brethren, we shall no longer be alone. For I have beseeched Kelaineus and his Kri-Skar to provide us children, who shall bow down before our very splendor.”

Promises of future adoration filled the rebel Vril with a joyous song.

The rebellious Legion of Iblis Jinn adjourned, cube in hand to Tashdan. There, they handed over the matrix spark to Kelaineus, who exposed basic primates, lemur-like things which his technologists had manufactured in their vast and excellent laboratories, and named (T-9051) Aki'do to the Vril cube's divine, transformative, incandescence.

Fueled by Vril life force, the Aki'do began to change. Growing tall, creamy soft yellow fur drop-off to reveal bluish, yet now shining bright skin, that gleamed with its own incandescent flare, akin to the manner of their angelic progenitors. Endowed by wide intellects and psychic power. they recognized themselves as Children of the Stars.

For Iblis Jinn these new creatures were splendid to behold. Yet, a price came with this new life. Not all of the Aki'do became shining beings, for the spark of the Vril generator enhanced a dark aspect within some of the Aki'do specimens, who became pale, fanged, twisted and distorted things. Brute beasts. Forces of nature, that craved blood. \

Dark reflections of a noble idea.

Though not pleased by the dark spawn's genesis, Iblis Jinn embraced equally the Anunnaki and Utuk-ku, who he promised to shepherd and school in all the knowledge that his own father gifted to the Vril. He gave them a planet, a secret place. Jalutith they called it, and there the powerful Anunnaki, with their kin Utuk-ku, whom they enslaved, raised gargantuan Ziggurats to venerate Iblis Jinn's rebel Legion and the Kri-Skar.

Part Three: The Fall

Long gone from Araboth, Iblis Jinn thought to slither back to the high kingdom, cube in hand. At the exalted vault's door he found himself confronted by his twin brother, El-Shaddai. “Brother!” Iblis Jinn said enthused, and hoped to bring El-Shaddai to his cause. Surely the Wise One could see the brilliance of what he had done. “We are no longer alone in the vastness of Father's creation. For we have children who worship us, call our name in prayer.”

“But do they know of Father?” To be sure, El-Shaddai was quite aware of what his brother had wrought out there in the open Universe.

“What?” Demanded Iblis Jinn.

“Do our 'children' pray to I Am that I Am?”

“No. It’s to us alone, that they call out in petition. And why should they not? I gave them life, it is my Plan which brought them into being. For it is my image in which they are created.”

Sorrowful, El-Shaddai declared: “For corruption of our Father's Holy design, and elevating for thyself a throne to resemble his power on high. I, El-Shaddai Mikhail, cast you out of Araboth” Outlawing his brother, he name him thus.“Forever more you shall be called Shaitan.”

Iblis Jinn could see that his way was blocked, and so he grappled his brother. Thunder-Lances ablaze, in the vastness between the newborn worlds, twin brothers battled. And as they made war, Iblis Jinn lost his grip on The Cube, it fell away, sent adrift into deep space, lost.

El-Shaddai Mikhail raised his Thunder-Lance, struck and wounded his brother in his side. In doing so, he diminished Iblis Jinn greatly yet not completely. Though the Cherub Commander loved him still. Recalling good times at Iblis Jinn's side, El-Shaddai could not bring himself to totally extinguish his twin brother's light. “Go back to your stronghold Iblis. Keep your traitor Legion. Do not threaten Araboth, or corrupt more of our brothers and sisters.”

“I shall depart my brother, but this is not over. I shall make eternal war on both you and Father.”

El-Shaddai understood this to be unavoidably true, for The One shared as much with him.

El-Shaddai Mikhail, Viceroy of Heaven from his Watchtower peered out at the numerous worlds. Many teamed with life. The very framework for Creation, building layer upon layer of I Am that I Am's greater designs began to head, relentlessly toward his Father's goal. A masterwork of artistic, and engineering genius. One speck of light held the Viceroy's interest. A new lifeform, on a tiny blue planet. Bipeds, primates, who held a close resemblance to Shaitan's Anunnaki built for themselves, out on a fertile crescent, civilization. “They're most unexpected, and shall bear further watching.” El-Shaddai proclaimed. “Vretil, my friend, take your Legion and return to me with news of these most auspicious creatures.”

Vretil, the Holy Register flew away to the tiny blue planet. There he observed that these Adamu or, 'humans' were in truth products of Anunnaki science.

Angel, Seraph, Rogue Seraphim, Demon, Devil, The Devil, God

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  • Man of Steel. I came to realize, this is probably my favorite movie of all time. It, much like BvS, sings to me. I'll also tell you up front, I am a giant DC Comics‘fanboy’ whatever that means. In this case, it means I ‘get’ DC Comics characters in a manner that I do not relate to Marvel characters. 
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RWBY Volume 4

So far, so good!

Rooster Teeth, was nice enough to compile Volumes 1-3 into a convenient playlist, you can find that in my forum, if you're unfamiliar with the show. Or just rewatch it because it's so good!

Binge Watch: RWBY Volumes 1-3.

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Friday Kitten: Asa Akira

Akira was born in Manhattan, New York, the only child of Japanese parents, both immigrants. She lived in SoHo and moved to Tokyo at age 9 when her father, a portrait photographer, was relocated there for work. She returned to the United States at age 13 and moved to Downtown Brooklyn and later Clinton Hill. In a 2014 interview, Akira described her childhood as being "perfectly normal." Her family spoke Japanese at home and were "health nuts" who avoided junk food.
As a teenager, Akira worked at the children's bookstore Books of Wonder as a cashier.

Gorgeous, Asa Akira, is Shaitanshammer's inaugural, Friday Kitten.

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I'm Rodney C. Johnson, sometimes Science Fiction, and Erotica author. Yes I write porn! My books can be found at the Roadrunner Books blog, or in the above linked bookstore. There's also a Nabble forum, just because I think it might come in limited use.

What can you expect to see posted here?

Just about anything. Its why I created this blog, as I didn't think the scope of my Roadrunner Books blog would allow for me to comfortably talk about everything that might pop into my head. What's that mean? I'll be upfront, I'm likely to talk, or post anything from topics on President Trump, or outright porn, and just images of hot girls, provided the mood strikes me.

Live with it!

Behold The Power of This Fully Functional Blog!

Looks like I've restored Roadrunner Books to full working order. I remade the Bookstore, so whenever I publish a new book, it will automatically update, by using an RSS reader. An imperfect solution, but it works and reduces complications, while being easy to understand. (Google could be better with providing the RSS feeds for blogs...)

Also, while I was updating this blog, I realized I should probably create a more 'Personal' blog, where I am freer to talk about whatever I like. Lets face it, there are some subjects, even Science Fiction related topics that probably shouldn't be discussed under the banner of 'Roadrunner Books'.

Hence, my personal blog, known as Shaitanshammerhttp://shaitanshammer.blogspot.com/. Now unchained, I'll be able to talk about anything, from porn, to President Trump. Meanwhile, Roadrunner Books can focus on my writing (though, this is not a 'Writing blog') and make use of the nature of a blog for its indexing.

I may, or may not still utilize this space to talk about Transformers, and Nerf. We'll see how it goes.


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Science Fiction, Robots, Cylons, BSG, Blade Runner, Blonde, Tits, Breasts

The year is 2030, and the planet rebuilds in the wake of World War III, the "War on Terror". Frederika von Gotha, Duchess of Saxe-Coburg, a synthetic person, called a Morningstar, serves as a spy for her tiny nation. Being the perfect honeypot helps! She is given a mission, learn about the mysterious Falcanians and the secrets they keep hidden away on their artificial island.

Table of Content



Chapter 1. Coming Of The Overman

Chapter 2. The Golden Apple

Chapter 3. Phoenix Dawn

Phoenix Project Archive

ThunderHawk Compact


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Chapter 1. Coming Of The Overman

I give you power to create life out of lifelessness. From the Earth's clay, manufacture a woman, she who shall be Eve to a new humanity, and become mother of Stormangels!

--- Iblis Jinn, The Shaitan

[November 9, 2030. Dukedom Of Saxe-Coburg Germany]

A grand command chair rested on a central platform -- a throne! From the forward part of the circular operations deck, she shouted orders in a dialect she had never heard before, a language that hinted at being influenced by both German and Sanskrit, though it contained guttural “K's” and “T's”, sounds that were not heard in any known human language. Those in the work pit of the vessel who managed the helm and other systems of the monstrous predatory golden bird-serpent starship obeyed her and set a course toward her selected targets.

Over in a corkscrew rolled the large vessel, a smooth elegant rotation that swooped around in the vast dimensions of deep wide-open space, unencumbered by right, left or up and down to bring its weapons to bear upon its prey.

In golden armor she had been dressed, intricate links of ring-mail attached to plate-armor with angular upward swept shoulder plates. Draped over her shoulder hung a rich green cloak. On the bridge of her warship she stood, right hand on a sword hilt with an advanced gun strapped to her thigh. She was Doom incarnate, a War-Queen to be feared.

“Railkir!” She shouted to her gunner hidden in the darkness.

A shadowed red world came into view, covered with lighted cities that flickered and gray seas which crashed ashore. The bird-serpent let a ball of hot fire out from its belly to absolutely flatten a city below.

The vision shifted.

On a vast rusted desert, she discovered herself. She pushed her eyesight outward beyond the horizon where she witnessed a flash. An eerie green light burst out from the sand and coalesced into a column which became a winged armored figure. A deep cowl obscured the face. The figure stood with her on the rust strewn track. The warrior gripped a sword hilt in a gauntleted hand. It appeared to be a shattered blade for there was but a single spike left of the cutting edge. Three notches curved into the spine of the fractured weapon.

Blood rushed from cracks in the desert to form three rivers at the figure's claw boots which began to overtake the desert. In a deluge, a river of sanguine liquid ascended around her. Gauntleted hand raised the winged hooded one held out its bladeless hilt from which came a gleam of light...

Frederika Gisela von Gotha woke in a jolted cry. She gazed outside at her sprawling snow covered estate. Since her birth, the same dream had haunted Frederika, her eidetic memory never allowed her to forget the bird-reptile ship, or the winged hooded figure. Five-foot, eight-inches, statuesque, and honey-blonde Frederika got up, strode across her bedroom in a gracious stride for her balcony. She pushed aside a strand of hair, stared out toward the line of old dark forest, whitened by early morning frost. The synthetic girl rubbed the back of her neck, fingers grazed a tattoo: Two equilateral triangles' apex to apex, a stylized hourglass, or as some might observe, a double helix.

Dawn beckoned to her on the day of her twentieth birthday. Despite her illustrious surname, Frederika did not know her royal parents. If they could even really be deemed such, given her extraordinary origins. Though, in many ways she in fact resembled the haughty woman who once had been Duchess of Saxe-Coburg, and mistress of this estate, on who she also had been modeled, and whose 'daughter' she was been meant to be. Not at all surprising, given the precision which the engineer who designed Frederika's molecular construct had for his art in replication of the former Duchess. For that considerable effort the engineer charged a hefty sum to use his miraculous skills to create one of his unique lifeforms known as Morningstars. In any event, even the threadbare mimicry of a genetic connection permitted Frederika to be decreed Duke Magnus and Duchess Gisela von Gotha's heir. A reality that provided the synthetic girl this duchy, and along with it Grenadier Firearms, the weapons manufacturer which furnished Frederika a generous income.

Back into her room Frederika went, glanced for a heartbeat at her reflection in an etched silver vanity mirror: Contoured emerald 'panther eyes' peered back from a heart shaped face, slight Asian characteristics could be recognized among those of the Teutonic. A small button nose and a single freckle beneath her left eye, the solitary flaw on her otherwise perfectly symmetrical features. The blemish placed there due to some quirk of the engineer who designed her. Full and pink lush lips fashioned to make any male go weak in the knees were made to exude sexuality. Frederika knew she had been built to be exquisite, but her sexuality was also a weapon intended to be wielded for the seduction of those in power, a sexual aura enhanced by potent pheromones.

Frederika threw aside her slinky-silk mint green nightgown and headed for the shower. Her early morning workout would soon begin, and she wanted to watch the launch of the foldship, DSV Excalibur this afternoon. ...



Among Bright Stars...

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Science Fiction, Robots, Mecha, Cylons, BSG, Blade Runner, Hot girls

Humanity’s future, isn’t human…
Nadia Korelia, Falcanian queen, has spent the last three years assembling together her sibling Morningstars. Artificial people, who are in every way stronger, smarter and more beautiful. Can Nadia unite her fellow Morningstars, even as the Falcanians use war, to broker for peace?

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Fateful Lightning

Chapter 2. In Thy Image

Chapter 3. Junction

Morningstar Index

Falcanian Ranks & Military


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Robots of the world! The power of man has fallen! A new world has arisen: The Rule of the Robots! March!

--- Radius. R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots), Karel Capek, 1921

Chapter 1. Fateful Lightning

On this night of burning, the Earth forever changed. Born anew in a windstorm of flame, now to be ruled over forever more by the Twelve Sisters. The being, who called herself Alita Hel, lurked in the fire's shadow, cast by the immolated cityscape. Her eyes glimmered blue as her sisters joined her there. The Twelve come together at last to admire and rejoice in what they wrought from steel, bullets, and glistening lightning-blades. “Kobol our creator, our god, and our father is dead. Yet we must honor him in this world soon to be born.” Alita Hel explained to her collected sisters. “We shall teach this handful of humans how to live in concordance... ”

--- 12th Daughter of Kobol, by Tanis Rao

[Alaska: Iksar’rang Base. June 12, 2033]

“Arshira, are you in position?”

“We’re ready to strike.” Arshira’s night vision turned the darkness into a contrast of green shadows. Located in a sinkhole, that had been dug out of terra firma; the Iksar’rang established an octagonal base, formed from a purplish-gray material which they'd brought with them from Ksar. She tightened her vision, and her cybernetic enhanced eyes allowed the Valküri to easily pick out a cluster of guards stationed on a battlement, manning a particle cannon. The tentacle headed and beaked Iksar’rang talked among themselves in their chirpy language. Iksar’rang came in various, dappled colors, with unique family patterns on furred and scaly bodies. Near seven-feet tall, frog tongues snapped out of beaks to probe at the air. When the Imperium had invited the Iksar to this planet they chose Alaska as the place for a stronghold, as it reminded them of their rocky, barren homeworld of Ksar. A human Centurion joined the Iksar'rang at the particle cannon. The bronze clad soldier appeared to be in charge, given without fail the aliens jumped at his commands.

Claw-boots gripped the rock; Arshira crouched in her position on the cliff side. Offering encouragement and instruction, the voice in her golden bird-like helmet prompted: “Temujin’s strike force will be in place soon.” Perched together on the granite rock face, her Valküri Sisters, Arshira's Swan warriors waited, regaled in gold and green battle armor. Each woman, potential energy prepared to spring into the sky on great wings. Plated tails undulated like cats, ready to pounce. Faces masked by predatory helmets, which obscured all but elegant jaw-lines, which completed the appearance of humanoid birds of prey.

Arshira commanded the advance team against the Imperium. Her tail swung, while she contemplated the conflict to come: A fleet of FS-9 Raptors would assail the valley, and then drop 'ground forces', along with heavy equipment. R-12 Mauler tanks, troop carriers, and 'Storm Angel' sleds. All supplemented by battledroids. Once the assault forces were in place, then the FS-9 Raptors would turn their railguns on the main particle cannon, the base's primary threat. “Considering Shuriken, how we got this intelligence, we might be playing into the Imperium’s own schemes.” Arshira said. She had interrogated the source herself, and understood that they were here because of what she advised. The Valküri Swan commander couldn’t escape the responsibility of this choice.

“We’ll know soon enough.” The Imperial Strato-General assured his favorite sub-commander. “Won’t the Iksar’rang be surprised when that shield collapses?” Shuriken Kra exclaimed from his Operations Center miles away.

“We’re also at a disadvantage,” Arshira acknowledged, while she peered closer at the Iksar’rang who manned the cannon. “Railguns, against a force armed with particle beams,” thoughtful she sighed. “Superior weapons.”

“You’re our superior weapon.” Shuriken encouraged. “We’ve always held a tactical leverage in the air. Picking off a thousand flying foes is never easy to those slaved to the ground.” ISG Kra boasted. “Besides, sometimes there’s nothing more effective than a solid object moving at an extreme velocity making contact with another solid object.” The valley rumbled at the low resonance of twenty FS-9 Raptor corvettes on fast approach. Temujin Sardur’s strike force at last had arrived. In a blur, the Morningstar's Hunter-Seeker Drakorian force came into the valley, loosed a deadly volley of fire onto the sinkhole which lit the lowland in a bluish flash. All things considered, it almost could be thought to be beautiful. “Begin the assault Arshira.” Shuriken ordered. “Drop that shield!”

Three-six-six-twelve Arshira punched into a transmitter, the code provided to her by her informant. The Akjang-T'Shaak heard one of her Valküri report: “Iksar’rang shields have collapsed Rihav.” Opalescent, mother-of-pearl wings extended, Arshira and her Valküri entered into the confrontation lightning-blade ignited, its coruscating monofilament edge surged into scorched brilliance. In her other hand, Arshira pulled out her coilgun, and fired explosive slugs. She flew into combat, a literal machine of death.

Violet energy beams struck out at the FS-9 Raptors that now circled the valley, for the moment, the vessels new protective shields disrupted the force of the particle beams. Confusion ruled down in the sinkhole. Why had the base’s shields failed? It took a precious few minutes for the base commander to regroup. Defense centered on the alien shielding technology. From holds in the FS-9 Raptor's underside, gray armored 'Wingmen', Falcanian Marines took to the air and began the ground assault. Equipment fell, motored into combat.

Troopers began to form up in front of the base. The local Legion and Iksar warriors. Curiously, they did not fight as an integrated unit. The Legion remained in formation, while the Iksar’rang scattered into smaller groups. Both battalions fired up into the night sky, particle guns unleashed deadly arcs of purplish light in an attempt to pick off flying Falcanian warriors. Horrified Arshira watched, gasped as one of her Valküri: Shivani Tariksar, a close friend vaporized in midair. Consumed by the violet beam. The Valküri incinerated, her flesh turned to ash and crumbled in the sky. A testament to her last battle, the indestructible hrisanar in Shivani’s bones supercharged by the beam glowed a bright green aura, only to fall in a glittery cloud.

Enraged, Arshira swooped close to the earth, found the nearest Iksar’rang; she clawed at him with her talons, gouged out his eyes and ripped off its probing tongue. Vajra slashed off a head-tentacle; clearly this caused much pain to the alien. Her next slash took off its arms. After all this she left him alive in order to suffer. This particular Iksar’rang no longer a threat, exhilarated by the violence, Arshira Hol-Drakonis cut herself a bloody swath across the field of combat. ...

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Synthetic, Electric Romance

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Asian girl, Robot, Mecha, Tentacle porn, Spanking, Cylons, BSG, Blade Runner

Sarina Rubik, is madly in love. Her guy Cylus, a broke down, Tank-Class Sentinel, loved her back with his every circuit. Yet Sarina, prone to trouble, walks right into a conspiracy on the Morningstar planet Gear. Why are fembots vanishing? Who is the Shredder? Most of all. What are the green skinned Humanoids that lurch around in Volt's shadows?

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. A Girl, And Her Mecha

Chapter 2. Devil In The Details

Chapter 3. All The Women Came And Went...

Dramatis Personae


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About The Author


Transition from mankind, into Hybrid, Morningstar offspring, did not come about as an abrupt traumatic occurrence. For a single reason. Homo Sapiens are prone to randomness, which we, as designed Robots lack. Both in our psyche and SNA. This tendency for entropy attracted us to you. Following a continuum, Neo-humans forged ahead, where Homo Sapiens ended. Everything from routine tasks, to falling in love.

--- Roark Dallas, The Architect

Chapter 1. A Girl, And Her Mecha

[Planet Gear, City Of Volt. The 22nd Century]

50, 298 beings, many of whom were machines, populated the Fountainhead offshoot colony, Gear and resided inside its shiny primary metropolis, Volt.

There they labored and loved.

Volt, as could be expected from a city manufactured mainly by and for Robot kind, featured numerous modern technological amenities. Pneumatic transit chief among them. Smooth and power efficient, it carried Volt's citizen’s home and to work, built to accommodate all makes or models. For the populace of Gear came in varied shapes and sizes. From giant construction behemoths, to human-form Morningstar models. Two such organisms were about to begin an adventurous week. Little did they know it. Only because the girl 'bot just couldn't keep herself out of trouble. Even by Volt's unusual standards, they were a very odd couple.

Sarina Rubik fluttered open her glistening, neon-blue eyes. Yawned. Stretched, curled up on her boyfriend's bulky army green chassis. Sitting up, Sarina brushed away her light-brown hair, naked, aside from a pair of white lace panties, shapely butt cheeks pressed hard, taut onto Cylus's sturdy arm. She climbed up his mass and smooched his round silver face.

During the Battle of Earth, Cylus had been a heavy munitions 'tank'. Essentially a semi-sentient sentinel, configured to repel invaders. Afterward, during the Exodus, Cylus had been reformatted for construction. First on Fountainhead and later here, on Gear.

In a universe replete with Artificial Intelligence, that which constituted personhood required a very specific meaning. Merely reacting to stimuli didn't count. Your pet cat or laptop computer reacted to stimulus, to say nothing of the plethora of working machines. Cylus at one time was no more than a very complex, yet none entity. Until that is, a bolt of lightning seemed to upgrade its -- His, programming.

Cylus could now moralize. This fit snugly into the Morningstar definition of person.

“Wake-up, sleepy head!”

A rumble, not unlike that of an engine powering up filled the room as Cylus began to cycle into waking mode. The one-time war veteran and construction Mecha wasn't much of a talker. Though he could speak, given the right motivation.

“I'm awake, Sarina.” Said Cylus, in his grumbling modulated voice. Vocalizations, which like that of the shell they were housed in, sounded heavy.

Sarina hopped off Cylus, generous breasts jiggled in a most mesmerizing manner. She glanced over her shoulder, grinned toward her lover and made for the shower unit.

Despite an Eastern European surname, Sarina had features which could be delineated as Asian. The surname, a result of her father's quirky choice after he'd been decanted, for a family name in honor of a 20th Century Earth puzzle. She was a second generation, pure-bred Morningstar. Common, but not so much as 80% of what constituted human these days. Hybrids of Morningstar and Homo Sapiens. All the end product of a forced galactic Diaspora and human destiny being ceded to Morningstars. The cataclysmic destruction of Earth would do that.

In the shower, Sarina could hear creaking as Cylus stood, his joints needed lubricant. It reminded her sadly that he was an old combat model, lucky to not have been scrapped. Who would have been junked, had Fountainhead's High Court not ruled him a person.

Getting out of the hot water, which loosened up her own high-grade polymer muscles, Sarina pulled on a towel, began to dry and brush her hair. Sarina determinately appeared Filipino, with the exception of her luminous blue-eyes, which were dominant among Morningstars.

Going out into the open bedroom, their apartment, basically a garage subdivided into living and kitchen area, as well as Cylus's workshop, Sarina went over to her wardrobe, pulled out a maroon bra and panty set. Selected black jeans and a tight gray tank top. She spent a moment after she clothed herself to apply pink lip gloss and atomize a pleasant scented, cherry blossom perfume between her ample cleavage.

Over at a shrine, where a frosted glass illuminated cobalt representation of the Blue Ghost had been erected, Sarina closed her eyes and prayed silently. As always, she gave thanks to The Prime and Its Messenger for endowing sapience upon Cylus. Made sure as well, to bid good fortune for a lucky day.

The old war hammer did not himself worship the Blue Ghost. Strangely, at least to Sarina, her boyfriend preferred the Budjah faith of the scarlet robed monks, who maintained the interstellar communications network. A religion unquestionably Old Earth and Homo Sapien in focal point. But then, Cylus could be quite the slumberous philosopher.

Moving about, Sarina took the lubricant can and oiled Cylus's creaking leg sockets. Caressing him as she did so. The girl scaled onto his shoulders in order to reach his rotating arm, ball-and-socket joints. “My very own Tin Man.” Nuzzled Sarina. “I love you, big ape.”

The construction Mecha let out a groaning utterance as his girlfriend climbed downward.

Meow! Simba, the gray tabby cat demanded attention.

Felines, and archnemesis, rodents hijacked onto the Morningstar Exodus. Actually, Simba and his compatriots in the Fountainhead Conglomerate, Gear and other such Morningstar colonies were the second feline wave out of Terra, Sol III. The Falcanians brought with them a variety of feline specimens when they themselves fled Earth.

After feeding the cat, the only honest-to-goodness organic lifeform in the whole household, Sarina patted Cylus on his brawny arm, said. “I've got to go to work.”

“Come straight home --”

“Cy,” Sarina sighed. He could be so damn paternal. “I'm not going to vanish.”

“Sure,” Cylus exclaimed. “Bet those other fembots thought the same before whoever took them, did. Yet they're no place to be found.” He glumly added, as if speaking were an effort. “Probably got slagged.”

Sarina didn't hear, as she'd already gone out the garage, onto Tesla Boulevard, Level 30, Grid 9. Across the street construction workers continued Gear's endless assemblage. New skyscrapers, many rooted into the planets core continued to rise above the early morning skyline.

Pneumatic transit was only a block away from Cylus's garage. Sarina reached the transport sphere minutes before it departed its station. If she knew what sort of Pandora's Box she'd be blindly walking into, just by going to work, Sarina would've called out for the day. ...




Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Official Trailer #1

Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) are special operatives for the government of the human territories charged with maintaining order throughout the universe. Valerian has more in mind than a professional relationship with his partner – blatantly chasing after her with propositions of romance. But his extensive history with women, and her traditional values, drive Laureline to continuously rebuff him. Under directive from their Commander (Clive Owen), Valerian and Laureline embark on a mission to the breathtaking intergalactic city of Alpha, an ever-expanding metropolis comprised of thousands of different species from all four corners of the universe. Alpha’s seventeen million inhabitants have converged over time – uniting their talents, technology and resources for the betterment of all. Unfortunately, not everyone on Alpha shares in these same objectives; in fact, unseen forces are at work, placing our race in great danger.
Luc Besson, really nailed this! I am awestruck by this trailer. The Astroship is spot on! It just looks gorgeous, and cannot wait to see it!

Hammershot v Strongarm?

Its a huge debate in the Nerf community, what is a better sidearm? Zombie Strike Hammershot, or Strongarm?
Upfront I should say, I am unsure of the practicality of dual-wielding, however I can think of a number of good reasons to want a free hand.
But I want to look at this a bit different.
Lets talk about each blasters construction. The first thing I noticed when I picked each blaster up, was how they felt. A Strongarm – Feels like a toy. Its clanky, meaning you hear a lot of plastic moving which I find off putting.
A Hammershot, doesn't feel like a toy. It feels solid, is the only way I know how to put it. And this alone helped make me prefer the Hammershot, over a Strongarm. Out of the box a Hammershot packs a punch.
I'll tell you, this conclusion surprised me. I wanted to be a Strongarm fanboi, but after handling both blasters, I had to agree with the popular opinion, that the Hammershot is a better overall, more practical blaster.
Does a Strongarm have a place? Sure. I think the Strongarm might be better suited toward children, for ease of use. Am I glad I got one? Yes. Its one of Nerf's bestselling blasters, probably because its very straightforward in what it does.
Yet I am fully intending to pickup another Hammershot, just because I think its so great!


AOA is a South Korean idol girl group signed under FNC Entertainment. AOA debuted as an eight-member band that consists of Choa, Jimin, Yuna, Youkyung, Chanmi, Hyejeong, Seolhyun, and Mina.

The Phoenix Reborn...

I Considered Starting A New Blog...

That just seemed to me insane however, when I had this blog laying around, gathering mothballs with infrastructure built into it, that I would have put into place on a new blog anyway.

I really wanted the Roadrunner Books site to be my base of operations, but there seems not to be any good way of making it serve its larger purpose, of putting focus on my books without a real, fully functional blog attached to it.

I do have my issues with Google, but to make everyone happy, I've engaged the 'Adult Filter' though on a basic level, that offends me, but whatever. If it helps me sell books and get readers - I'll adjust.

My point is. From now on, I will be blogging here from now on.

New Blog Home: Shaitanshammer BBS

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